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  1. ocms

    ocms New Member

    I often have to recommend best applications to fresh Android users - many of my colleagues or their friends are getting Android phones nowadays. So I made simple application with selection of must-have apps for new users, with descriptions and market links. Now I can tell them to simply download "Android Starter" from market and check out apps featured there[​IMG]

    In it's current form app is extremely simple. Maybe I should think about expanding it, creating something more complicated, for example recommend lists for individual users? If you have any feedback (some additional apps to include?), I'd love to hear your opinions. Anyway, it was fun weekend project and it would be nice if someone found it useful by recommending to a new user.

    market link is here:

    website for app promotion (with QR code): Android Starter - initial App toolbox for Android phones



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  2. omgitsnickels

    omgitsnickels Member

    Thanks! I'll check it out; installing!
  3. omgitsnickels

    omgitsnickels Member

    There's some good stuff on there! if I could make a suggestion, I would say post advanced task killer, and the flashlight app, esp because it has a quick on/off widget icon too!

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