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Android Stickers & Apparel

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  1. CriticalMass

    CriticalMass Well-Known Member

    How about an android Key Chain? Do you guys have anything like that? I need to replace my keychain that broke. :/

  2. zoiko

    zoiko VIP Member VIP Member

    Yes we have those in the works as well, I do not have Pics yet as we are still in the prototype stages. I do have some others that we have had made for some of our customers and something that we have been working for our inkedcity clothing line.

    I hope it gives you guys an idea of we are working on... keep in mind that these are not Android related but maybe it let's you guys see the ideas we are messing with. It helps out a lot when my friend has a laser and water jet cutter :D




    Other stuff we are working on is off limits until we finalize some details with some mobile phone stores.
  3. woop

    woop novacane (OFWGKTA) VIP Member

    Once you get those in, you may want to edit your thread title to include that! I'm sure the keychains will be a big hit.:D
  4. zoiko

    zoiko VIP Member VIP Member

    :D Yeah I will be making some changes. been working on a bunch of stuff... I have been promising new items but it has been kinda busy with trying to make everything come out right.
  5. Storm613

    Storm613 Well-Known Member

    Got my stuff in today! Looks great! Thanks :)
  6. Fate0n3

    Fate0n3 Well-Known Member

    Man your site is awesome. I am getting ready to order me some stickers and some clothing. The discount code still working?

    And Keychains would be killer!!!
  7. NightAngel79

    NightAngel79 Bounty Hunter Administrator Moderator


    Loving the android gear, it isn't paypal only is it?
  8. zoiko

    zoiko VIP Member VIP Member

    Yeah the code should work, It only seems to act up when it is International order. I am getting that looked into.


    At the moment it is only a Paypal shopping cart but you can use a credit card of your choice as well. I know I have gotten orders from people who do not have paypal.

    The new website we are still working on will have more check out features as well as many choices for shipping and tracking.

    Thanks again guys...:)
  9. zoiko

    zoiko VIP Member VIP Member

    Cool.... don't forget that Pic!!!... :D:D:D
  10. zoiko

    zoiko VIP Member VIP Member

    Thanks to all who have been buying stickers and shirts... :)
  11. KrisPeezy

    KrisPeezy Active Member

    Looks like i found what my next paycheck is going towards. Keep up the awesome work zoiko. Oh and for th keychain idea, it'd be awesome if you could somehow make it a bottle opener
  12. zoiko

    zoiko VIP Member VIP Member

    Thanks krispeezy... :)

    I will only be posting this here on AndroidForums... Today and tomorrow anyone who buys a hoody will also get a FREE tshirt with your order, Just put a note in the paypal box or send me an email when you purchase the hoody so I can know you saw this here on Androidforums.

  13. NightAngel79

    NightAngel79 Bounty Hunter Administrator Moderator

    Still haven't forgot about this thread!! Gonna order some stuff soon, I swear!!
  14. Cincybearcatfan

    Cincybearcatfan Well-Known Member

    I just ordered the Black polo, sweet. Can't wait to get it!
  15. 0mie

    0mie Well-Known Member

    Follow us on twitter @androidunpluggd for giveaways and promo codes and visit Android Unplugged, it will be HUGE!!! First 25 registered users will get 15% off the entire order.

    Everything should be in stock by first week of October :)
  16. rctjoe24

    rctjoe24 Active Member

    I hope I'm not violating any rules by posting a link to this, but I found a neat T-shirt for us Android Lovers, cheap too!!.

    Tanga - Product of the Day

  17. Android Amateur

    Android Amateur Well-Known Member

    One of a kind... Take my idea if you'd like!


    RICKING Active Member

    i want to order some stickers that u have showned on the forum for the back of the vibrant. please
  19. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery VIP Member

    Go onto Zoiko's website, the link is in his signature.
    RICKING likes this.
  20. 0mie

    0mie Well-Known Member

    All the stickers should be live for ordering on the site www.androindunplugged.com

    first 25 registered users get 15% off entire order, once you have registered email me 0mie[at}androidunplugged[dot]com and I will send your coupon. If you spend over $25, free shipping :)

    Subject: Android Forums

    I am working with Zoiko on the site, we will have all the apparel and more stuff by the first week of October.
    330D likes this.
  21. KrisPeezy

    KrisPeezy Active Member

    DANG! totally missed out on this offer... AND I was planning on buying the black zip up hoody.
  22. 0mie

    0mie Well-Known Member

    If you're still planning on making an order I'm sure we can work out a deal. Email me on what you want and then we can take it from there :)
    zoiko likes this.
  23. maxpowr

    maxpowr New Member

    subscrib'd for gear.
  24. zoiko

    zoiko VIP Member VIP Member

    I want to take this time and let everyone know that 0mie is helping us out with the new site, he is still going to be making some changes to it and will also run our twitter account. Once we get all the bugs worked out I am sure we will be having some really good promotions and some give aways like he is doing currently on twitter.

    inkedcity.bigcartel.com will still be up and functioning for a few months until we make the full transition to the new website.

    NightAngel79 and Roze like this.
  25. 0mie

    0mie Well-Known Member

    All "Featured" items in the Android Unplugged store are In-Stock, so are all the stickers. If there is a size you need, just drop me an email and we can work something out 0mie[at]androidunplugged[dot]com

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