Android & Symbian Will Merge

  1. phandroid

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    Analysts from J. Gold Associates pulled a Ms. Cleo, pretending they could predict the future. Like Ms. Cleo (back in the day), you saw their prediction EVERYwhere. You couldn’t flip webpages without seeing the same darn rumor: Android & Symbian will merge in the next 3 to 6 months. As we’ve seen in recent weeks, millions [...]


  2. McHale

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    Why would Google want to spoil their up and coming, highly anticipated OS with the epic fail which is known as Symbian? I could see Symbian wanting the merger, but Google would have to be nuts or bought out by Nokia to think that would be a good deal.

    Symbian blows...

  3. agoestafin

    agoestafin New Member

    I think Android is flexible

    Linux -> ( D Virtual M + Component ) -> Android
    Symbian-> ( D Virtual M + Component ) -> Android
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