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Android System Shutting Down - HELPSupport

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  1. wdellasc

    wdellasc New Member

    Help me please! I am running 2.3.3 and my Sony Ericsson X10 keeps on shutting down on me. It doesn't matter what I'm working on, either browsing web, playing games, texting, it doesn't like to stay on. I have performed the factory reset 2 times and reinstalled the OS 2 times as well. Last night I did it again and without downloading any apps, I browsed the web and it did it again! Any thoughts? Will rooting the phone help? Is it the motherboard?


  2. beau420

    beau420 Well-Known Member

    I would suggest formating the SDCard.

    Open Settings->Storage->Unmount the SDCard, then Erase the data on it.

    Then again try and reinstall 2.3

    I highly suggest installing a Task Manager and see what apps are running and what might be causing problems.

    After you have Task Manager installed....open it. Make note of the apps that are running.

    Click Kill All....it will close all apps.

    After 10 seconds, open it again and make note of the running apps.

    Check an hour later and see what apps are running.

    What website...what browser were you using?
  3. sandancer1

    sandancer1 New Member

    Mine shuts down for no obvious reason as well, only since 2.3.3. A few others have complained as well. Mine is x10i on Orange UK.
  4. wdellasc

    wdellasc New Member

    Thanks Beau420. I will format the sd card as well as try the Task Manager. I am using the standard Broswer that is on the phone and it happens will any website. Sometimes even when I'm using GTalk.

    I'll let you know if this works.
  5. Merolas

    Merolas Well-Known Member

    If the above steps do not work, it will mean that you have a hardware issue, this happened to me twice and i had to get the handset replaced

    hope it won't have to go that far for you
  6. BlownGP

    BlownGP Active Member

    any update on this. Mines been doing this latley with the new update.. Really starting to piss me off.
  7. Panhead99

    Panhead99 Member

    Mine was doing that all the time. My Wife has an X10 too and out of desperation I switched the batteries over. Within no time my Wifes was shutting down and mine was perfect. I ordered a new battery from Play.Com and since fitting it I havent had anymore problems with it shutting down.

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