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  1. SmokemyPole88

    SmokemyPole88 Well-Known Member

  2. deet

    deet New Member

    Yes! I am really loving mine.

    Very well made and you will get updates from Archos as they fix problems, which is more than can be said for the Chinese knock-offs. Archos are rapidly fixing problems as they are being reported, they have already released 2 firmware upgrades since the device was released a few weeks ago.

    There is a very active support forum - Index page
    where you can get find out how to side load Google Market and Flash.

    There is also an XDA forum for Archos so we can hope for some goodies from these guys:
    Archos Gen8 - xda-developers

    If you buy one now it will come with Eclair (2.1) but you should update to Froyo (version 2.0.71 or later, don't accept 2.0.54) almost immediately - before you install new the Google Market fix. You can do this over the air once you have charged your device and established a wifi connection.

    I showed mine to an iPad owner yesterday and I thought he was going to offer to trade me. Suddenly that iPad looked big, heavy and expensive.

    The one thing you cannot do yet is root the device, there was a temp root hack that worked with earlier releases of the firmware but the current release has not been rooted yet. However, if you really want to mod your device then Archos provides an SDE (Special Developer Edition) that allows you to do pretty much whatever you want (including dual booting Linux) at the expense of having your device marked as out of warranty.


  3. msierra519

    msierra519 Well-Known Member

    it looks nice but i love my g rather spend a little more and get a dual core tablet..very worth it in my opinion..

    Meet the ViewSonic G Tablet - gTablet
    the stock software sucks but when you root and flash a new rom..its awesome!
  4. SmokemyPole88

    SmokemyPole88 Well-Known Member

    wow that g tablet looks nice where would you buy one?
  5. msierra519

    msierra519 Well-Known Member

  6. SmokemyPole88

    SmokemyPole88 Well-Known Member

    wow $400 Price Tag on that dual core eh.
  7. deet

    deet New Member

    Just to point out that G Tab is a very different device.

    It is 10", not 7", it weighs 3x as the Archos 70 and costs about 60% more. It is more like an iPad in form factor, weight (and price).

    The screen on the Archos 7 is very nice, almost (not quite) as nice as an iPad. I have heard that the screen on the G tab is not so nice and has terrible viewing angles.

    (FWIW the 10" version of the Archos (the 101) is priced about the same as the 7" Archos 70 - a lot less than the Viewsonic gTablet).
  8. SmokemyPole88

    SmokemyPole88 Well-Known Member

    Will the G-Tablet get Gingerbread update?

    Does it run the Android Market?
  9. xmr405o

    xmr405o Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure if you are familiar with the Tegra 2 CPU. Its the next generation CPU. There are only two devices that I know of that is available at retail stores in the US, the g tablet is one of them. So I am positive that this device will be gingerbread and honeycomb capable. It also has 512mb of RAM which also explains its price tag. There is a development section in the xda forums that have 3 great devs there supporting this tablet. I think with a little work you can have an awesome next gen tablet. The viewing angles isn't the greats but the screen isn't too bad. There's a ton of videos on you tube running various ROMS. You can see how smooth this Tegra 2 device is. Its smoother than the stock galaxy tab, IMO.

    It does not have the android market but you can get that when u install a custom rom.
  10. xmr405o

    xmr405o Well-Known Member

    You can get it cheaper. I think there's a 10 percent off sale this weekend. Or if you're lucky you can get a reconditoned oneat the sears outlet for less than 300.
  11. xmr405o

    xmr405o Well-Known Member

    I, agree with deet. Its two different devices. If u don't need a 10 inch pad then stick with the archos.
  12. SmokemyPole88

    SmokemyPole88 Well-Known Member

    I think I'm going to buy the G- Tablet when I receive my check for school.

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