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Android Tablet - apad, epad??

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  1. roddzza

    roddzza New Member

    i would greatly apprecate any feedback on the current devices, before i commit to buy them: the Moonse E7001 7" aPad (link: Moonse E7001 7" aPad WiFi 3G Webcam (Aluminum Edition) - eBay, Laptops, Notebooks, Computers. (end time 25-Aug-10 22:35:13 AEST) ) and the 10.2 ePad ZT-180 1GHz Android 2.1 (link:10.2 ePad ZT-180 1GHz Android 2.1 WiFi Tablet PC & Case - eBay, Cases, Bags, Laptop Accessories, Computers. (end time 13-Sep-10 20:45:02 AEST)) i really want to buy one of these units but I'm a bit hesitant as the look kinda 'fishy' and their descriptions don't seem 100% accurate to the respective devices. Can anyone explain to me if it is worth buying ) a device as such or just to wait it out.

    • My main uses for the tablet is to:
    • watch movies (720p ideally)
    • browse the net, without lag
    • debug developed apps (without much lag)
    • write notes down from lectures
    • price range- $150-240 US

    price range
    If anyone can give me feedback or suggest a better unit it will be greatly appreciated :)

    roddzza ;)

  2. jediknight36

    jediknight36 Well-Known Member

    I just test drove the aPad iRobot and with the capasitive screen, the slow processor, and the low memory, I would wait. There are a good amount of official tablets coming out here in the states, like the HTC Google Chrome tablet this November, to justify spending the money on them now. Just hold on. I need one now, but unless I get an iPad, I feel like Im wasting money on one of the ChiPads.
  3. icurafu

    icurafu Well-Known Member

  4. huff_diggler

    huff_diggler Active Member

    do you know what, i like my epad, it does exactly what i want it to do, i use laputa for my ebooks and on my morning commute it's fantastic for that, but also watching films on it is good too (firmware 0827) and i happily watch movies on my morning commute which is 1hr and 45 mins 'ish, with plenty in the battery for a film or book on my way home, at the momment i'm watching 'laputa-flying castle' yesterday it was '2012'
    and the interwebnet is good at home too when i'm out in the conservatry. for the money i paid delivered (
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  5. jediknight36

    jediknight36 Well-Known Member

  6. huff_diggler

    huff_diggler Active Member

    to be honest when the next best comes out, more ram, faster processor, better screen, which by the way is more responsive now firmware 0827 is out, turned it into a much more useable item, rather than, oh dear, what have i bought? i'll sell this on ebay with free p+p and put it to the next one up, how cheap these are it's no biggy is it, not like an ipad or galaxy tab price is it?
  7. jediknight36

    jediknight36 Well-Known Member

  8. huff_diggler

    huff_diggler Active Member

    well...you can lead a horse to water... and as for returns from ebay selling, i could sell it now for what i bought it for i bet, just cos i live in uk alone. as for the finger thing, i fix washing machines for a living so my fingers are like leather and has bits of skin missing, so sore fingers for me never happen.

    bought a really nice case for
  9. Dawow01

    Dawow01 New Member

  10. jtbnet

    jtbnet Well-Known Member

    I susbscribe to the Graboid(.com) service... they have a free trial of some type but I was hooked the first day I used it and saw my SciFi channel shows up there with commercials gone within hours of being shown on TV... no worry missing any anymore... and some movies show up the day they hit the theater... those usually very poor camera copies from a foreign theater, but somes rating copies that get sent out to test groups before it even hits theaters...
  11. corralesc

    corralesc New Member

    I just got the 10.2 ePad ZT-180 1GHz Android 2.1 (EPAD 10" WI-FI Android Tablet.
    It's easy to navigat internet, but I am unable to connect to my PC (it does not recognize it) therfore unable to load any books or movies that I have in my PC.

    Does anybody have the same problem? If so did you find a fix (the USB Drive)
  12. jtbnet

    jtbnet Well-Known Member

    Only the lastest 1126 (beta) firmware supports mounting the the sdcard from you PC when you flash the mass-storage kernel... can find more over in ZT-180 section on Slatedroid...

  13. mikeparsons1974

    mikeparsons1974 New Member

    I just bought the 7" EPad with 2.0. It has capacitive screen and movies show in about 720p.

    Non android phones won't link to it even as usb storage devices and PC does not like it - simply get a card reader(I have one built in to laptop) and transfer files to the Micro SD card that way.

    The major issue is battery life. You have just enough to watch the movie as long as wifi is switched off. With no options of addittional batteries, it is a pain.

    Some apps don't work on it as they were designed for phones only and browser alternates between mobile and standard web pages.

    But all in all for less than $100 it is great
  14. BradleyK

    BradleyK New Member

    Just got a Viwsonic G tablet. Can't access my gmail or google calendar. Getting certificate errors. Can't load flash. Am I doing something wrong or did I buy the wrong tablet?
  15. bobismad

    bobismad Member

    I have the 10.2 epad with android 2.1, its good for what you are looking to do with it as thats how I use it, if you have problems with system being 'unstable' ie locking or blacking out turn off the wifi when not needed as it reduces the heat in the back, I had that problem with mine, and that cure it, hasnt failed since ( nearly 2 weeks), also try saving the books on your pc to the mem card as opposed to a stick, I use 'kindle for android' from the appstore......works great

    if you have any probs give me a shout, I'm no expert but can pass on solutions that have workrd for me. but there are a few good threads on here relating to the epad zt-180 and folk to help

  16. daprospecta

    daprospecta Member

    Where did you buy it? I want to get one for my sister for an e-reader but don't want to pay over 100-120 for it.
  17. algraham

    algraham New Member

    I have a Zenithink 180 10.2" epad and it is great! I tried the 7" and 8" units, but you need to use earphones. No need for them with the 10.2" unit. Also, the 10.2" unit can detect the wifi from further away (much better). Sure, it's a little more money, a little heavier and a little larger, but its superior performance is worth the difference. To transfer files from your PC, use a card reader. It's quick and soooo easy. You need an SD card adapter as the apad card is micro and your PC probably demands a normal SD card. For less than $200, the 10.2" unit is a killer! You'll think the smaller ones are good value because they're cheaper, but they are not up to it and you'll have wasted your money. That's a false economy.

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