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android tablets without 3G or GPS (Browse All)

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  1. scott.mcmasters

    scott.mcmasters New Member This Topic's Starter

    Sep 3, 2010
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    Hello, I've never had an Android device before but I'm really excited about Android tablets. Recently Archos anounced they'd have a series of new tablets running with Android, but these won't have the marketplace, Google apps, GPS or 3G connectivity. So, I was wondering if anyone with personal experience with similar devices (like the older Android tablets from Archos) could answer some questions for me:

    1. I understand I can still download and install the marketplace application and Google apps, but will they all work perfectly?

    2. I already have a USB mobile internet key; will I be able to connect via this from the tablet?

    3. If I were to buy a GPS dongle, will this provide GPS data for the apps which need it?

    Thanks for any responses


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