Android TV apps if I can watch ESPN, Star Sports, NEO Sports etc. on my Android mobileSupport

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  1. biswajit89

    biswajit89 Member

    I have an android mobile SAMSUNG Galaxy R. I want to view TV channels like ESPN, Star Sports, NEO Sports, TEN Sports etc. on my mobile. I would like to know about any suitable application can be downloaded using which I can fulfill my requirements.

    You can ignore that my phone model number also and let me know about the application in the Android market.


  2. narayanank

    narayanank New Member

    Try nexGtv app. Download it from android market
  3. biswajit89

    biswajit89 Member

    Yes I had.... and Sorry to say that my mobile was stolen since 1 month..:(........ anyway, hv to buy another better one but pls. let me know the sports channels like: ESPN, Star Sports and others mentioned by me previously is getting covered by nextGtv or not! Thanks :).
  4. biswajit89

    biswajit89 Member

    Thank for the suggestion. I v installed the app and working fine with several TV streams. Now I v 2 find ESPN, Star Sports live etc in there...


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