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  1. awanone

    awanone Well-Known Member

    I have recently bought this china made Android Tv box , apparently i am still testing it out, it hasn't failed me in any application that i have installed

    1. i have installed movie streaming and tv shows streaming application and result is good my wife dont want to watch regular tv anymore

    2. installed angry bird works like magic

    3. attached wireless keyboard and mouse combo can even read pdf type email its like a giant android pad .

    company who made it is ???????????

    i am not selling or anything just want to know if anybody else has tried it and what is their experience and also suggestions for applications for this box

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  2. avirex

    avirex Well-Known Member

    Hi there. I have been looking at the exact same thing, looks really great. How is the build quality? There are a few like this on the market so I'm wondering which is the best.

    Also what TV channels come pre-loaded on it? US based cable tv? I wonder where they're getting that content from, and how "legit" that is. Will those channels still be working after a few months?

    Oh and regarding the keyboard, which one are you using? I have seen a really slick one that comes with a similar kind of box.

    Thanks much.
  3. awanone

    awanone Well-Known Member

    to my knowledge there is only one company making this specific unit and a dime a dozen sellers selling the product in china , i have already posted the link of the original manufacturer. sellers there are many you can buy from who so ever you feel comfortable with just make sure that they have in stock availability please confirm it through e-mail before you make the payment else it can be a long wait .

    the best way to describe the system is that this is an android phone minus the Mike and LED screen, it has RJ-45 interface, wireless interface, three USBs power and that's about it the box fits into an average size hand. you need to have an TV with HDMI interface is it only works with HDMI interface there is no other way to connect the unit to TV

    I am using the following wireless keypad mouse combo
    Cliptec : Featuring Future Technology

    the system is exactly like your android phone doesn't come with much applications the standard PDF reader quick office and stuff it doesn't come with preloaded channels you have to install applications such as movie stream , TV show stream, Mega viewer pro stream online contents, though I haven't installed SBS TV yet,

    I am going to install couple of games and some kids learning apps and test the unit thoroughly but so far it's working fine web browser works fine you can play YouTube videos or any other video content available on websites but I'm not sure that it can play anything with Silverlight technology.

    The only thing I wish is that if I can find some live wallpaper with background music I can convert my TV into a nice display picture with music.
    Hope this helps do let me know if you do end up buying this unit and your experience with it
  4. Maurice C

    Maurice C Member

    Hi, thx for sharing your experience with the FV-1. I am interested in buying one but I need to make sure that I can use a wired keyboard with this device. I got the impression that the only way I can input something is to use the remote control that comes with it. It seems I am wrong as you mentioned you use a wireless keyboard. Could you tell me if you can use a wired keyboard to operate the FV-1? I intend to use the FV-1 as a desktop. I am a bit tired of living with the much "bloated" windows OS.
  5. avirex

    avirex Well-Known Member

    I did some research, and what I found out about this device is that its using a hacked version of Android 2.2 that was customized to work on this device. Problem is once Android 3.1 comes out it probably wont work on this. Is there an upgrade option in the settings? I have my doubts, everyone who I talked to said I'll be at the mercy of the Chinese manufacturer so if they stop making updates we'll be stuck with the old and potentially buggy software.
  6. awanone

    awanone Well-Known Member

    if you want to use this unit as your desktop the functionality would be limited to the apps available in the market for android in other words typing e-mails browsing Internet, opening office documents or creating them, viewing PDF documents, playing games, YouTube videos that's all I can think of perhaps MY knowledge is limited to. though I am using it to read PDF books as I really hate reading books on computer monitor due to eyesight. the problems I foresee using this unit as a placement for Windows that the possibility of voice chat through Skype or any other IM is quite slim as there is no voice input or WebCam support ( meaning drivers etc.) not to mention printing doc etc.
    Actually if you see the original manufacturer's website in my first post( just click ???????????) this unit does come with a keyboard as well though I have yet to come across some sellers who might be selling this unit with that keyboard. This unit does not come with PS/2 connections so you would be needing a wired keyboard mouse combo with USB connector or perhaps buy a PS/2 to USB connector and it should work as you can see in the picture below I have my wireless keyboard mouse combo connected to the unit through a wireless dongle
    so one can similarly connect a wired keyboard and mouse through PS2 to USB converter available at any computer hardware store i don't any problem with that. I hope this helps
  7. awanone

    awanone Well-Known Member

    I am not sure about hacked version of android 2.2 as to my understanding Google has released android under open license free for all use that is why android is so popular among equipment manufacturers.

    you are correct in saying that eventually android version 3.1 or higher would be released rendering most of the new coming applications useless to be used with this unit, but that is true for every other android equipment as well I have a HTC desire HD dependent on updates from HTC as and when they wish to release it. as for the upgrade option it is mentioned in their manual the upgrade is possible through SD card and i think it will be similar to Flytouch 3 pad upgrade process , this is also mentioned in the manufacturer website at the bottom of the following link under firmware upgrade

    I bought this unit along with superpad 3 flytouch 3 android pad, for flytouch 3 I have found excellent support from forums such as this and others with modified roms /os which enhances buggy and sloppy job the Chinese manufacturer did and now for the price of US $145 I have a very nice android pad working with applications with no complaints unfortunately for this unit that is android TV there is no such support or forum though it is similar to flytouch3 in fact so much so that they say hardware is almost same and I have not come across any problem so far with this unit in terms of operation or installing software as oppose to flytouch 3 eventually I hope that they would be enough users of this unit then we can have a similar online support such as ROM updates etc. which should cover any future updates of android operating system.

    Frankly speaking I only paid US$127 plus shipment for this unit and so far it is very well worth the price I've been buying media players for my TV for about four years now I have currently five useless fully working media players lying around which I have no use of now as this unit supersedes all of them not to mention that I have taken my children away from wii and hooked on this unit to play their games as they can install any type of game whenever they want so overall I'm quite happy with it (as i save a bundle buying/renting wii games) let's see what the future holds but to my point of view I foresee there would be a flood of similar equipment or perhaps better than this unit in the market as this will catch on as opposed to the smart TV offering by Samsung and Sony which are very limited in the offering of applications and usability of the device for multiple purposes and this is the cheaper way infect much cheaper way to make your "dumb" LCD LED TV smart :p
  8. Maurice C

    Maurice C Member

    Many thx,Awanone,for explaining how to resolve the keyboard problem.
    Nowadays most families have a couple of computers at home. In my bedroom all I need is access to the internet, doing emails. occasionally i may need office software. I have never used android but i understand these functions are all taken care of. But you remind me of the limitation on skype, which i recently found to be a powerful way of communicating with my overseas family members. However this does not pose a problem for me as i can readily use my other PCs for this particular function. As far as i know this device has a samsung chip known as PV210, which performs quite well.

    BTW how do you expand the storage as the built in harddisk is unlikely to be enough? are there two usb ports, i probably need one for the keyboard/mouse and another one for external memory?
  9. awanone

    awanone Well-Known Member

    yes it is very true we are a family of 4 and have 6 web enabled devices and both my kids are under 8 years :). yup this unit is perfect for the use you have in mind , now i am also thinking of buying another one to install in my room well for that i have to upgrade my internet connection to 100 mbps i guess :) i am one heavy user of net.

    dont worry about the space this unit actually has three usb connections two in front for keyboard & stuff and one at back for portable HD connection i actually don't have any portable HD else i would test it for you but at least that's what the manual says , and to top it off it has on the right side of the unit a SD card slot which can according to manual take upto 32 GB card size but a word of caution format the SD card in FAT and not NTFS or FAT32 it wont be recognized by the system. performance wise i don't have any issues so far it is a well built system. hope this helps

    for Skype you can still do IM chat but no voice /video chat at the time , i guess this will improve over due time as the system evolves
  10. YoDigitodotcom

    YoDigitodotcom New Member

    Hi I have also just ordered for one of these devices, just wanted to know how exactly do you manage to play angry birds on TV? Does'nt angry birds require a touch screen? I currently play Angry Birds on my HTC Desire HD

  11. awanone

    awanone Well-Known Member

    well your finger on Desire HD works like a mouse pointer, in fv-1 you can add keyboard and mouse combo (wireless/wired) and use mouse to play , i just made a video for you to see as well enjoy :p though don't forget to your feedback when you get your unit would love to hear from another user

    YouTube - ‪DSCF1784‬‏
  12. r_pr

    r_pr New Member


    What about the ability to play different video formats without conversions? I am interested in playing AVI and MKV. Does standart or some installed video player work well? Can this device be named as "eats all video formats"?
  13. awanone

    awanone Well-Known Member

    I have tested the following file formats for movies
    FLV , AVI (Divx & XVid) ,MKV, MOV, Mpeg, 3gp, WMV, VOB
    I downloaded the sample files from the following urls
    Sample Movies
    1080p Test MKV examples (from Birds scene Earth movie) - Plex Forums
    QuickTime: Sample files
    Download Sample Flash FLV Video Files
    for the first MKV file (1080P) I had some trouble but I have played it twice ( i mean two different files)in the video below , please note that there are two video players installed on the system itself you can take their names from the video below, there were no issues in playing the videos , the quality of videos were original from the source . I also had to reduce the quality of my own video (original more then 1 gb MOV format) to mp4 64 mb to upload to to youtube.
    I can safely say that this unit can play almost every format , hope this answers your question

    YouTube - ‪fv1 movie format test.mp4‬‏
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  14. ameerulislam

    ameerulislam Member

    Nice videos awanone, Now how about making a video about the channels that you have ;). Thanks!
  15. awanone

    awanone Well-Known Member

    Now that's a million Dollar question, as this box has no TV Channels to speak of , i don't think the purpose of this box was to work as a Channel decoder /receiver but to bring computing functionality to your TV to make it smarter :) , but all is not lost as Android does offer apps which one can install, i have the following apps installed
    1. Megaviewer Pro you can stream moives from this app right from 1970 till 2011
    2.Movie Stream movies again till 2009
    3. Tv Show Stream they have alphabetical list of tv shows (US Shows) thousands of them .

    rest as i have earlier wrote this box is just like a android NOTEPAD without the LCD screen :D
  16. ameerulislam

    ameerulislam Member

    I see what you mean now. I thought the box it self has TV channels.
  17. AndySweeney

    AndySweeney New Member

    hello im really into this new product but im unsure wether to buy it says it plays flash but does it really ? can you post a video of it playing a say bbc iplayer video ? or even some random flash video ?
  18. awanone

    awanone Well-Known Member

    okay, I tried BBC I player unfortunately in Singapore it's not available as you can see in the video below, then I went to and played a video the results you can see in the video as well, then I went to and play the video there, it is the jerky due to bandwidth issues and not the player issue as we have school holidays here and bandwidth is fully utilized I'm in the process of upgrading my bandwidth. in the end I went to youtube and play the video within the browser as you can see in the normal mode and as well as full-screen mode. I hope this satisfies you that this unit does play Flash 10.1 as advertised without any problems or issues. I hope you find your experience if you do decide to buy this unit turns out to be a good. Enjoy

    YouTube - ‪FV1 palying flash videos‬‏
  19. AndySweeney

    AndySweeney New Member

    thanks very much mate for taking the time to make a video , you have sold me and mines is ordered mate thanks very much seems like a great device and i can see it expanding alot in future !
  20. ameerulislam

    ameerulislam Member

    awanone you are really help full. Thanks buddy. :)
  21. RADAR1

    RADAR1 New Member

    Appologies if this appears twice (still getting the hang of posting messages).

    Like many of you good folks I have recently bought the FV-1 which is a very impressive piece of kit, but I do have some problems.
    The main one is to do with the HDMI output. I have this connected to the HDMI2 input on my TV, this works fine when the unit boots up and shows the 'desktop'. The problem occurs if I then switch the TV to a different input (for example satellite rx on HDMI1) and then go back to the FV-1 on HDMI2, the output is no longer there, nothing on the screen.
    The only way to get the FV-1 signal back is to remove then reapply power.
    I've been in contact with the supplier and told them I believe the unit may be faulty.
    As you can imagine this is a real pain so I wondered if any other users had the same problem?

    Thanks in advance.:confused:
  22. NX3

    NX3 Well-Known Member

    Got mine today. Its neat does more or less what it says and USB keyboard works.

    android.process.acore stopped expectedly is my big issue every 4-8 seconds so its unuseable :(

    Per 1080p play chance. It struggles with 720p mkv, SD xvids play ok. Flash on BBC iPlayer or ITV Player, very jerky over a hard wired 10mb cable connection with no other traffic. Both work fine from PC, Sony Bravia TV and HTC mobile phone (wifi). It comes with a few pre-installed apps but they are old out of date. RockPlayer for example, its good but old and didn't seem to like updating. I ditch it for Mobo Player which has hardware acceleration. 720p was almost ok then, no breakup, just dropping frames.

    Settings are limited but enough. The remote does a ok job but seems to stick on screen sometimes and freezes sometimes.

    I'll get some clips on youtube soon. I got mine from Kogan UK so going back to them with the fault...sigh

    Oh and it is proper google android market :)
  23. Maurice C

    Maurice C Member

    Got mine yesterday. USB mouse and keyboard works. I prefer them to the remote as I am sitting in front of a 19 in TV/Mon. Love the right click on the mouse. It is the fastest exit key I have seen.

    First time user of android. It is pretty smart with no mucking around. Still trying to get used to it and we are used to be faced with heaps of settings stuff. A lot of unix styled info... such as /etc , /dev. Lots of things to explore.

    I hit a very straightforward problem.. I couldnt find the MAC address in this device for setting my wifi router. The "about machine" has very limited info. I am thinking of opening the box to see if there is a label on a chipset somewhere, but this would be the last resort. If anyone has a solution please.

    I wish to confirm that the box is light. My wife said she wants a very pricey but space saving monitor with a built-in desktop in the kitchen. I said no need, just sticky taped this box to the back of a good looking monitor and you get one.
  24. NX3

    NX3 Well-Known Member

    I've found any apps that give you system information or CPU information cause it to crash. I have run some benchmarks on it though;

    MFLOPS 13.727
    Time 6.11 seconds
    Norm Res 5.8
    Presision 2.220446049

    Score 1134

    A tiny bit slower than a HTC Evo, Moto Droid X and faster than a Samsung Galaxy S, HTC Desire
  25. CyberKurt

    CyberKurt Member

    Just got mine FV-1 today.

    Quite nice, but not good at playing videos!

    How to update this thing? I guess i need some kind of a -file?
    Where to get?


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