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Android TV Box Wifi Problem

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  1. srtcy

    srtcy New Member

    Hi, I recently bought a JUSTOP Android 4 TV box from amazon. Being a recent new member, I can't specify a link but if search for JUSTOP android 4 box in Amazon, you'll know which one it is. It has a fair few reviews also.

    Does anyone else have the same TV box? I had high hopes for it and it had some really good reviews from other people who had bought the product. I received it yesterday and everything seems to work well, very easy to plug into TV, played many different file formats, very well designed menus, fast and sits great behind my TV.

    But since receiving it, I have had real problems with the WIFI disconnecting. At first I thought this was a hardware problem relating to the wireless receiver but after a few tests it was clear it was software related.

    The WIFI ONLY disconnects every time I run an application (youtube,google play, browser, anything). If the box is in an idle state the WIFI stays connected with a strong signal. I have messed around with many different settings with the hope of being able to fix it but still no such luck. What is so frustrating is that everything else about the box is great and if the WIFI only worked properly I could see myself using this a lot due to turning my TV into a smart TV. It does come with a manual (with not so great english) which states about using PhoenixCardv306 to update it, although I wouldn't know where to find the update file for this as I'm surprised by how little information there is on this box over the internet (my fault, and starting to regret buying it).

    Does anyone else own the same box or something similar and is there a solution to fix this?

  2. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    This is one of those cheapo Chinese Android STBs that are becoming rather popular now. Being what it is and the fact that the Wi-Fi is giving problems, I'd suggest it could be faulty. Probably would be best to return it for refund, repair or replacement under warranty.

    Yeh, it's called Chinglish. :rolleyes:

    Often there is very little or no information at all for these things.

    It's probably faulty based on what you've described and should be returned.
  3. Rez999

    Rez999 New Member

    I have two TV boxes, one from Mele A2000G (Android 4.0.4) and the other is Asus Air, both are working fine but occationaly both get disconnected from WiFi due to the fact that both are quite far from my router which is at the 1st. floor and the TV boxes are on 3rd. floor.
    check with manufacturer and found out if there is a new Firmware whcih correct the WiFi issue.
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  4. smallclone

    smallclone Well-Known Member

    I got one of these. It's good for the price
  5. Justin_JTC

    Justin_JTC New Member

    Wifi and wired connection (ethernet), can't be used at the same time.

    If you use wifi, disable ethernet in the settings will be fine.
  6. smallclone

    smallclone Well-Known Member

    It's the other way around though. I'm using wired (plugged) and it's only getting 2mb. I've heard that the wired adapters are buggy on these units.
  7. tony007

    tony007 Member

    I've just got a android v box and it worked great at first now I've lost the wifi don't know how. I'me sending it back and asking for a replacement if that fails I'll be wanting my money back.

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