Android TV Box with built in webcam

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  1. Lisamoni

    Lisamoni New Member

    I recently purchased an Android Smart TV Box from China (Ali express ETV Technology Co., LTD ). It's model is EU-3000 running Android 4.2
    1)OS : Android 4.2
    2)CPU: Dual Core ARM Cortex-A7,Allwinner A20
    i dont know where to post shart the picture , it looks perfectttt

    5MP is much more clear in camera than 2 MP:smokingsomb:
    skype and msn can works perfect , the seller was very kind and help me a lot .
    so high score of ETV Technology Co.,LTD .

    will take 2 more for friends , lok

  2. sgluhov

    sgluhov New Member

    Could i ask you for help? I am planing to buy the same model - but want to check video quality (i do a lot of videconferencing). Can you make a little video how it is recoding (vimeo is better becouse youtube is shit) or just skype me - my skype name is sergey-gluhov

    Thanks in advance
  3. sgluhov

    sgluhov New Member

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