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Android tv mp-g7 help!!!!!!!

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  1. lionsfan420

    lionsfan420 New Member

    :mad:unfortuantlly I have the ANDROID TV MP-G7,:mad: My problem is I'm stuck in the recovery menu. Reboot only reboots back into recovery. Does anybody have the latest update? or any update for this device? lol... The support site dowload does not work. Thanx a million....

  2. cabraspower

    cabraspower New Member

  3. Knite00

    Knite00 New Member

    Hi cabraspower

    How did you managed to load in ICS? Will be grateful for your guidance!
  4. cabraspower

    cabraspower New Member

  5. freetogo

    freetogo Member

    Out of curiosity, have u succeeded in upgrading your mp-g7?
  6. freetogo

    freetogo Member

  7. TerrenceT

    TerrenceT New Member


    Would anybody know what webcam with mic (brand/model) that mp-g7 supports? My webcam cannot be detected.

    Also, I cannot login on the recent skype app from mp-g7's market. Anyone knows where to download an apk for Skype that works in mp-g7?

  8. wangxiaohu

    wangxiaohu New Member

    Where did you purchase MP-G7? I'm thinking about getting one but couldn't find it on internet.

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