Android Update Crashed Phone?

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  1. dizitalcoffinz

    dizitalcoffinz New Member

    I JUST got my Samsung Fascinate from best buy today. I had just downloaded "Facebook, Google Maps, Pandora, My Verizon". That is all. A pop up for a Android Update came up and I didn't even see what update it was before it started going. So It starts doing this update than reboots itself and now all it does is Flash SAMSUNG over and over. I tried factory reset and taking out the battery and charging it. Nothing works! HELP

  2. tgulch22

    tgulch22 Well-Known Member

    2 questions, how did you do the factory reset if it only flashes samsung over and over again...

    and more importantly did you pull the battery out while i was saying samsung for an unusually long time? if so it might have bricked it because you did not allow it to finish the install. either way, take it back to best buy and get a new one.
  3. bcnu53

    bcnu53 Active Member

    sounds like a call to Verizon is in order. the last update killed mine. I had to send it in and have them rebuild it. it was a pain.

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