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  1. JackGFuller

    JackGFuller Member

    Is there such a document? Where might I find it?

    Just got a Cherrypal Asia: 10" screen; runs version 1.6. Not a tablet, but a netbook. Nice machine, but as a Windows user, the interface is quite different. Looking for some documentation.


  2. koppit

    koppit Well-Known Member

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  3. JackGFuller

    JackGFuller Member

    That certainly helps! Cherrypal has a users' manual, but it is pretty thin.
  4. Velcro_SP

    Velcro_SP New Member

    I'm also interested in Android and Cherrypal. If you don't mind my asking, did you get this via special arrangement or via the Cherrypal webshop?

    Has it crashed often? How's the stability overall? Do you have sound and good wireless support and so forth? Do you have an Android Market application, and if so have you downloaded anything from there?

    Hows the battery performing? Does the touchpad work okay?

    Can you post a picture?

    Excuse all the questions. You are are the only person that I know of to have received one of these.

    Also, to koppit, thanks for the link to the Android usage PDF for the zenPad. It seems like Android is Android, whether on cellphone or netbook.
  5. JackGFuller

    JackGFuller Member

    Item by item, here's what I can tell you, after about a week of fiddling with the Asia:

    I ordered the 7" version from the Cherrypal Open Store web site: Cherrypal Open Store
    There were several weeks where no info was received about the status of the order, even though they said orders would be shipped within 3-5 days of clearing of payment. There have been many complaints on the web about slow or non-existent customer service, so I was a bit nervous.

    Then, I received an e-mail that apologized for the delay and offered a free upgrade to the 10-inch-screen Android model, which I accepted. The device was received the very next day!

    So far, with fairly heavy use, the device has not crashed, and seems stable.

    The sound is tinny, but works. The speaker is tiny!!

    Asia found my wireless network immediately, and after entering my password in Menu > Settings > Wireless controls > WiFi settings, I connected to my network. Since then, the connection has been automatic. So I would say this works very well.

    Android Market is available. I haven't downloaded any of their apps, but have downloaded and successfully installed "LastPass", a password manager that I use with Firefox and Chrome. "LP Android" is a "premium" application, that can be tried for 14 days. its use is different than with the other browsers, but once used to its ways, works fine.

    As Cherrypal states in its info, the battery life with the 10-inch screen isn't very long - I'd estimate 2 hours.

    Touchpad works OK - as well as in a regular laptop.

    Don't have a picture, but the site above has an accurate pic.

    Overall comments: Having paid only $118 [including shipment], it's hard to complain! If one is used to Windows or Linux, the Android interface takes a bit of time to get used to. But it's an OS, and so the basic functions are there. But Android is a phone interface, not a computer interface, and it is oriented to a smaller screen with touch capabilities. So the user of an Android computer has to understand that. But it is hardly an insurmountable barrier.

    I suspect that Android was selected over earlier versions that used Linux, or a current [but more expensive] version that uses WinCE, because the device is small, doesn't have a lot of processing horsepower or memory, and would likely be much slower with a computer OS. The Android browser is very good - quick to load, and quick to accurately render pages in good resolution. Not surprisingly, the home page is "Google", and I've used most of the Google selections. Have had problems with Docs - the browser doesn't support word processing.

    Also, have not been able to access YouTube sites. Asia has a Chinese video site - - that seems to work OK.

    The device measures 7.25 by 11 by 1 inches, and weighs just under 2 pounds. I think it would be great for traveling, for use just as advertised: basic web surfing. I'm very pleased with it!
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  6. koppit

    koppit Well-Known Member

    What version of Android? Sounds like you're a happy customer - glad to hear it!
  7. JackGFuller

    JackGFuller Member

    The Android splash screen at bootup says "Build 1.7.3"
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  8. Velcro_SP

    Velcro_SP New Member

    Hey, thanks a lot for the information Jack. I keep an eye out for the latest on the Asia and information on it has been hard to come by.

    The ability to pay $125 for an Android netbook as opposed to $300 is really going to mean a great deal to an whole range of people, not just the poor.

    I'm really into the prospect of Android on nettops and netbooks and even desktops and laptops too. I've always found Linux sluggish (some strongly disagree), but Android appears to escape that trap. Plus it brings an heck of a lot of easy-to-install and easy-to-use software.

    I am thinking about buying an Asia but haven't quite decided.

    Thanks again, and hope you keep us posted.

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