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  1. inspire_08

    inspire_08 New Member

    Hi Everyone,
    I'm new on the forum and I'm here for having an idea for my final year project, Actually i am .net programmer and willing to do my final year project on android so i am looking for an idea of android app that really need for the end user(Android users) OR the solution to any problem or any need of the android users???

    Please I'm looking for positive suggestions. Lots of thanks in advance.

  2. 9to5cynic

    9to5cynic Well-Known Member

    Something like this might exist (not sure) but a car finder. A lot of older folks seem to lose their cars at food stores.
    GPS into the location, show google maps, then add the ability to place a 'car marker' and then save that gps location and show them how far they are away from their car...

    Maybe something like that?
  3. inspire_08

    inspire_08 New Member

    Really nice idea, but unfortunately one of my classmate has taken this type of idea as his final year project so i should select the different one.

    appreciate your idea, if you have any more ideas so please share it here.
  4. Triska

    Triska Well-Known Member

    I was actually thinking about this earlier today..... How about a voice or sound-activated app that would help you locate your phone after your toddler decides to play hide and seek with it? You know, kinda like the Clapper. I know there are already programs like Lookout and Where's My Droid that do the same thing, but you have to have internet access to use it. I'd totally pay for something like that!
  5. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    @Triska - maybe its just me, but I'd just grab another phone, landline cellphone of my mom, whatever and call myself if I lose my phone in the house. LOL.

    Personally I'd just like a proper OneNote sync app but maybe that's too big.
  6. Triska

    Triska Well-Known Member

    If I had a landline, I'd do that. I always seem to misplace my phone when dh is gone with his cell though. I was joking last night that I need a clapper for my droid. I'm always running after the kids and in doing so, I seem to put my phone down in strange places and I hate to wait until he gets home to find it. The siren in Lookout freaks out my youngest, so I try not to use that unless I really have to.
  7. takeshi

    takeshi Well-Known Member

    It's not just you but it's also conceivable that -- considering that many don't even have landlines -- a lot of people don't have another phone handy if the person has lost his/her cell phone.
  8. i would like to see a VIN decoder that actually works.

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