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Android version 3.2.1Support

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  1. JIMV

    JIMV Well-Known Member

    I just got my wife a new Tablet and so far like it BUT, its operation is sufficiently different than the operating systems on our phones that much of what we want to do is a mystery...Is there a 'How to' thread or book for Android v 3.2.1???

  2. Pred-a-tor

    Pred-a-tor Well-Known Member

    Push buttons and see what they do. It's not that much different - things are just arranged differently. Trial and error is the best method. If that scares you, I'm sure you can find some sort of tutorial by Googling.
  3. Pred-a-tor

    Pred-a-tor Well-Known Member

    Also, check out the Le Pan Life forums. Much more info on the Le Pan tablets there then there is here.
  4. Pred-a-tor

    Pred-a-tor Well-Known Member

  5. 4ubest

    4ubest Well-Known Member

    Pred - a - for. I tried several times to jin that, but I was never able to get past the complex password thing :eek:

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