Android Version Differences?

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  1. Chopes

    Chopes Active Member


    Quick question that's sorta complex so I'll have a go at explaining it, I hope you understand. Basically, I am looking at two phones right now. The Nexus One and the HTC Incredible and I like both, the question I have is that is there a difference in the ability to root/rom these phones? I saw a few posts of people saying the Incredible would have a locked /system folder that would not allow the sort of modding freedom the Nexus One would provide. Is this true or would the phones be equally moddable (so I could remove Sense UI and play around with Cyanogen and other goodies)?

    I hope that was understandable enough to answer. All responses appreciated.

  2. 21gigs

    21gigs Well-Known Member

    Two things to remember here-
    1-not all android phones are rooted the same way(rooting procedure varies from phone to phone)
    2-not all android phones are rootable.

    You can easily turn off htc sense UI w/o rooting,if thats what you want.
  3. Chopes

    Chopes Active Member

    Ok I understand that but I am comparing those two specific phones, my question is what your saying :p. Are these phones equally able to be rooted and rommed?
  4. Ghâshûl

    Ghâshûl Well-Known Member

    Impossible to say before the Incredible is out. Most likely it'll take some time and then it'll be rootable.
  5. 21gigs

    21gigs Well-Known Member

    'are these phones equally able to be rooted and rommed?'

    As a rule of thumb
    No,rooting and flashing roms differs from phone to phone.
  6. Chopes

    Chopes Active Member

    Any hints that might suggest the Incredible would be difficult to root/rom?
  7. grainysand

    grainysand Well-Known Member

    Yes. One version of the Hero was unrootable for a long time; ditto for the Telus Milestone. Some phones come with a signed bootloader, and that's nearly unrootable.

    Dunno about the Incredible. I suppose it wouldn't be anymore locked-down than the Desire, which has already been rooted.

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