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  1. Xerev

    Xerev New Member

    I have just bought HTC Desire 500 and its using 4.1.2 android version and according to a website I found in google I should be able to update it to 4.2 and I tried checking for update through the phone's setting and it says i am up to date. SO is something wrong with my phone or the there is no latest update for my HTC? And if there is an update for it, how do i actually install it?

  2. kejlyCZ

    kejlyCZ Well-Known Member

    It depends on a region you're in. Updates are pushed sooner in some regions and weeks/months later in others, even in the same region the update timeframe can be some weeks. Be patient (recommended). Or tell us what version exactly do you have, then we can tell you if you can install the unofficial update.
  3. Xerev

    Xerev New Member

    I am currently using version 4.1.2, and what you mean by unofficial update? Is it rooting?
  4. bml

    bml New Member

    Hey! I also expected the phone to be updated to 4.2 but there is no update so far. My current version is:
    Android 4.1.2, HTC Sense version 5.0, Software number 1.13.401.2, HTC SDK API level 5.26
  5. Xerev

    Xerev New Member

    Been trying to find answers since I bought it, but failed miserably. So I just moved on by using the version I am using. Although I really want the latest version..

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