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  1. k84040

    k84040 Member


    Does anybody know of an app that will answer calls for you - just like a 'voicemail' - when you are not near your phone? A month or so ago I switched providers and have only just found that although I am on a monthly tarif where calls are included in the contract, I have to pay 10p per minute to fetch my voicemails.

    It would be great if you could set up to answer after, eg. 7 rings.

    Any help greatly appreciated. Cost not an issue.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. google voice can do that.
  3. k84040

    k84040 Member

    Thank you for that but it is not yet available in the UK.

    Any other suggestions?
  4. Alli_Anne_BB

    Alli_Anne_BB Active Member

    I used to use YOUMAIL for voicemails, they have lots of funny greetings as well. you can set it up to send you a text or an email to notify you of missed calls (sends you the phone number information). There is also an app in the market for Visual Voicemail Playback.
  5. k84040

    k84040 Member

    Thank you for your reply. While looking for YOUMAIL, I came across an app called 'HulloMail'. Installed trial version on my phone and it works perfectly - exactly what I wanted. Works in UK only.
  6. shahramjune

    shahramjune New Member

    HI I am looking for an voice answering machine for my HTC Desier HD android mobile . Can any one helps me ??

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