Android vs Apple T Shirt

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  1. Ellsswhere

    Ellsswhere New Member

    Hey guys just made a design for a website called Threadless if you have never heard of it, its a site where you submit designs and get them printed for the masses. Although I will always be in Androids corner I will never be a fanboy and I must give Apple its credit.

    All you have to do is take a couple minutes to create an account and vote 5 and buy and in a month it will be up to purchase.
    Let me know what you think
    So here's my take on the war.

    Apples an' Droids


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  2. Schreiber

    Schreiber Well-Known Member

    Very cool design!
  3. SpiralFire

    SpiralFire Member

    I like it a lot, great depiction of the battle!
  4. JRich8389

    JRich8389 Well-Known Member

    That's awesome! Definitely gonna go check it out!
  5. Ferrari353

    Ferrari353 Well-Known Member

    Where can I buy this? I didn't see a link or anything to purchase it.
  6. Mada

    Mada Well-Known Member

    hahaha This is awesome!! Reminds me of Apple Jacks.

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