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Android w/ gps for running and no phone contract

  1. apensity

    apensity Member

    I've browsed through many sites and cannot find a definite answer, or one that is exactly what I am looking for, so hopefully you all can help! :)

    I have looked into GPS watches for running and they are quite expensive, and I already have a great heartrate monitor. However, I was thinking about getting an Android phone with GPS that I could use only for the apps (fitness tracking, GPS, mp3, etc) and NOT use for a phone (i.e., no contracts).

    I already have an Archos 101 (rooted with Uruk), but that is quite large to run with :p So is there a nice Android phone I can get without the contract and have it loaded with GPS and work with WiFi and Google Market?

    Thank you to you all for any help you may have!

  2. apsychedelic

    apsychedelic Active Member

    There are actually plenty of Android phones that match your criteria, and small enough not to be cumbersome for your activity.
    I could only recommend checking out cellhut or Amazon for some unlocked phones, and checking out the reviews and comparison tool at phonearena for more info.

    My Optimus One for instance, runs around 250 bucks unlocked, contract free and sports GPS and WiFi. But like mine there are a plethora now of phones in the mid-low range with both capabilities and good price without contract.
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  3. persim

    persim Well-Known Member

    I had a similar situation. Was planning to upgrade my phone and figured I could use the gps to train for a marathon I am running in May. Looked all over for a used Android phone but couldn't seem to find anything worth it for under $100.

    I actually picked up a brand new Palm Pixi+ for $45. Various websites have all sorts of deals on the Verizon ones. If you head over to the precentral forums they can guide you how to bypass activation and get up and running with just the app catalog so you can get a running program. For $45 bucks using it as a gps tool and 8 GB mp3 player is not bad at all.

    I'm actually kinda surprised how much I like the phone. The main problem is there are very few apps and only a handful of developers who seem to care. I will eventually switch to an android phone but since I'm on a prepaid carrier I have to pay full retail for the phone and need at least a dual core model for watching 1080i/720p recordings I have.

    So for your purpose, $45-50 sure beats the price of a garmin forerunner.
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  4. Gmash

    Gmash Well-Known Member

    The optimus v from virgin mobile. It's $150, but you can find it on sale for less. They have a plan for $25 per month with unlimited data, and 300 min talk time. It's also pretty small.(3.2 inch screen)
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  5. apensity

    apensity Member

    Looking to do a ROM on an Optimus v, looks great! THanks for the info, I think I will combine some of the replies and get the LG.
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  6. apsychedelic

    apsychedelic Active Member

    You can also check out the Samsung Galaxy 5, I don't like the screen very much, but for your purposes, it should be quite enough, and runs for about $135 USD unlocked, I guess you could get it for much more on a cool data plan like Gmash suggests :)
  7. apensity

    apensity Member

    Do any of you know if I have to actually activate service on it, or could I just update Android to 2.3 maybe and use it through WiFi and GPS only? Makes sense as that would work, but don't know if there is some strange firmware trick to keep me from doing that...
    Thanks again to you all!
  8. apsychedelic

    apsychedelic Active Member

    Well, you don't have to be on 2.3, Froyo works fine, if that's what came with the phone.
    I know not about US bussiness strategies regarding cellphone carriers and such...
    But if you get an Android phone, unlocked, with WiFi and GPS, like my Optimus One, then yeah, you can use the combo GPS+WiFi perfectly.
    Since the phone uses A-GPS then it can use the extra help of the WiFi (or 3G) to improve the accuracy and startup times.
    GPS alone would work, but could take a long time to start and sometimes depending on objects blocking your way to the satellites around earth, the accuracy could not be the greatest.

    Since you will be using WiFi (i.e internet connection) then this is a bit of useless info, but anyway, I think someone with definitely NO internet connection (WiFi, 3G) in a given situation, could only benefit from the GPS chip if that person were to use an app that could cache or preload the maps to the SD card (I think my "Maps" Android app came with some bundled maps from my country and some of its neighbors).

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