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Android wipeout bug

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  1. wooky69

    wooky69 Well-Known Member

    How can I tell if my Android is susceptible to the Wipeout bug?

    I'm running the official HTC Ice Cream Sandwich ROM on a Desire S.


  2. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

  3. davidmanvell

    davidmanvell Well-Known Member

    It will be patched in a day or two anyway. just don't open anything you are not trusting and you will be fine. it just reboots your phone anyway, does wipe it all out.
  4. ExtremeNerd

    ExtremeNerd Well-Known Member

    Common sense always prevails. This "bug" is blown out of proportion. Don't open sketchy sites random numbers send you, and you'll be alright.
  5. wooky69

    wooky69 Well-Known Member

    I know not to open suspect files but id still prefer the flaw not be there.
    Just wondered when a patch might appear.

    Cheers all :)
  6. ExtremeNerd

    ExtremeNerd Well-Known Member

    Agreed, but the "bug" is more dangerous when it's private. Now that it is public, most people are aware of it and the risk is much lower. Samsung has already started pushing updates for their phones to fix the issue, so things are on the way.

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