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  1. krazykylep

    krazykylep New Member

    I know that it has been asked if it is possible to get cricket working on an android phone. I have basically the same question but a little different.

    Here is what I aim to do:
    I want to get an android phone with NO plan and get it working 100% with Google voice over wifi. I know that I can get at least this far. About 90% of the day, I am in a wifi hotspot so the andriod wifi phone should work great. However, in the small amounts of time that I am not in a wifi area, I still want to be able to make phone calls if I REALLY want or need to. I was thinking about getting a $1/day PayGo plan from cricket to fix this problem.

    The question(s):
    I'm pretty sure it has been said that it's possible to get an android phone to work with cricket via flashing, however will this work with the $1/day plan? I only want the phone to use the cricket service if I make a normal call without using the google voice over wifi setup. And I fear that flashing the phone might mess up other things such as my google voice over wifi setup or browsing the internet over wifi or using random apps. Will this work how I want it to nicely? Or is the best solution to just get a GSM android phone?

    I admit, I am pretty cheap and I hate monthly bills but... android phone + wifi + google voice + pay as you go plan - normal data plan and monthly bills = cheapest and coolest phone ever!

  2. Lorak

    Lorak Well-Known Member

    Yes. the Droid is one that can be fully flashed to cricket. But when looking at flashed phones for cricket you need to be careful on where you live. If you live in a tri-band market a flashed phone will not work.
    Goto howard forums and look there under thier cricket section.
  3. krazykylep

    krazykylep New Member

    Thank you for the quick response and information! :) I live in a place where cricket is pretty common so I don't think i live in a tri-band market... Not really sure how to figure that out though.

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