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Android "World" Phones

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  1. SEMIJim

    SEMIJim Well-Known Member

    Hi There,

    I may soon be contemplating moving to Verizon. I think what I'd want is a RAZR MAXX. The VZ pages say both the RAZR and RAZR MAXX are "global ready," and come with a SIM card.

    So, say I'm going on a short (1-2 weeks) trip to western Europe, does that mean I have options? E.g.: I can retain my own number while there by paying for roaming on VZ' partners' networks or buy a pre-paid SIM card to save money?


  2. xTye

    xTye Well-Known Member

    If you can, just get a prepaid phone or sim to use in the MAXX. Roaming charges for out of country are pretty expensive.

    Ranges from .99 a minute to $5.99 a minute...
  3. SEMIJim

    SEMIJim Well-Known Member

    Thus my question: If I had a MAXX or regular RAZR, could I put whatever SIM card I wanted in it, outside of VZ' native US coverage area?

    Reason I'm thinking of leaving Sprint for VZ after over 13 years is that Sprint currently has no Android "world" phones at all. But if I cannot actually use the phone as I desire, then it doesn't matter, and I might as well stay where I am.

    $0.99/minute is "tolerable," IMO. $6/min. is ridiculous.

  4. Cares

    Cares Well-Known Member

    The Rezound is world phone capable as well. FYI.
  5. badrsj

    badrsj Well-Known Member

    The GSM standard as run by AT&T is more world compatible. If you get one of AT&T 4G devices and get it unlocked it'll be good for domestic and foreign usage without compromising 4G performance in USA.
    Though there's claims of Verizon world phones to my understanding that's Verizon hoping you'd roam abroad which is definitely more expensive than using a local provider Sim on a GSM network abroad.
    As you're leaving Sprint should not be difficult to go to AT&T and not Verizon.
  6. badrsj

    badrsj Well-Known Member

    Not to mention Verizon 4G sucks battery far heavier than AT&T. I've had both services so can say for sure :)
  7. SEMIJim

    SEMIJim Well-Known Member

    Yeah, actually, it would be. You see: I absolutely, positively, unreservedly detest the thing that calls itself "AT&T" these days with all my heart and soul.

  8. badrsj

    badrsj Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry I wasn't aware of your feelings to AT&T. I hope you find your Verizon phone. Are you looking to roam on other carriers or switch a Sim when abroad?
  9. badrsj

    badrsj Well-Known Member

    Btw the thing that calls itself AT&T was Cingular, I also do not like them, but in a small pond one had to make a choice. I went with Verizon.
  10. SEMIJim

    SEMIJim Well-Known Member

    No worries. No way for you to know. Just wanting to have the option of using a pre-paid SIM when in Europe.

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  11. Teegunn

    Teegunn Well-Known Member

    My RAZR did not work on my recent (two weeks ago) trip to Italy and France. It was supposed to, I called Verizon personally and they said it would, had them put me on a temporary international setup - nothing. Don't know if it was my phone, sim, or what, but zero signal.
  12. SEMIJim

    SEMIJim Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the feedback, folks. Between one thing and another: I've decided to stick with a "dumb" phone on my current carrier, for now.


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