[AndroidTV] Upgrade to UG007 or MK808 or ... ?

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  1. kabeza

    kabeza Well-Known Member


    I have a Flexiview FV1 (one of the first Android tv set top boxes) but it is having (big) trouble playing some mp4 videos. Not related to the format but the quality. FV1 doesn't support 1080p nor 720p, so I always have to re-encode video files before streaming to the box

    I've been checking the latest android tv devices around and I think I should upgrade. I've seen UG007 and MK808 as two good options for upgrading

    UG007 Mini PC
    Android 4.1.1 TV Box Dual Core Cortex-A9 RK3066 1GB RAM 8G Storage HDMI USB Black
    u$s 56.99

    Android 4.1 TV Box MK808
    Dual-core RK3066 1.6Ghz 1GB DRR3 8GB Nand
    u$s 48.99

    I've been reading some audiosync, wifi signal reception problems in UG007, (audiosync solved in latest version) but the question is

    Would you recommend UG007, MK808, or maybe another better option?

  2. UnknownUser1

    UnknownUser1 Well-Known Member

    i purchased an mk808b im awaiting it in the mail now iv heard good reviews but i also plan on running linux on it instead of android os most of the time i got a bluetooth keyboard/touchpad that will arrive about the same time i can let you know how well it connects
  3. kabeza

    kabeza Well-Known Member

    Great! You know, after doing more research, I've found more powerful options than the two I've put in the first post.

    This would be the list

    iMito MX2
    MK809 II

    And other two gaming options, very interesting particularly for the fact they will be very popular, therefore nice custom roms, app ports, etc.


    So I guess I'll wait until june (ouya release) to define this upgrade. I won't be able to afford buying one stick now and then to be shocked by the ouya or gamestick news some days after :p

    Good luck!

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