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Androite News: Kindle Fire HD To Arrive With Bing As Default Search EngineGeneral

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  1. adiqayum

    adiqayum Active Member

    The latest news suggest Kindle Fire HD will get Bing as the default Search Engine. This is great news for Microsoft as it's going to increase their revenue. There won't be any Google Search. This year's Kindle Fire is expected to do well as it's a high-end tablet for a low price.

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  2. Tig Ol Bitties

    Tig Ol Bitties New Member

    Mine arrived today and I can't even find Bing anywhere on it. I simply went to Web, opened up google and searched from there.
  3. Elevener

    Elevener Active Member

    Go into Settings>Applications>Silk and there you can change the default search engine.

    Bing, Google and Yahoo are the choices.
  4. Ih8apple

    Ih8apple Active Member

    Since silk has no flash support, I immediately sideloaded Dolphin HD and don't use silk anymore.

    Seems like Amazon and Google must hate each other. Amazon likes to pretend google doesn't exist.

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