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  1. ZR160_MAJ

    ZR160_MAJ Well-Known Member

    FACEBOOK KILLS MY BATTERY + it dont work on mobile networks

  2. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    ... and in other news... the Pope is Catholic and bears defecate in the woods. :D
  3. rekyl

    rekyl New Member

    Have you guys gotten Voltage Control working on this ROM? I can start the app, but the voltage tab is missing, so I cannot seem to do any UV. Is this an issue with ICS or with the ROM in particular?
  4. Shotgun84

    Shotgun84 Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forum.

    Its because the rom uses a stock kernel and you need a custom one which supports undervolting, which I don't think there are any for ics at the moment. Maybe the cm9 kernel would work.
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  5. Sword Fish

    Sword Fish Well-Known Member

    Hopefully someone will create a custom kernel for ICS soon. I installed KPB last night and it is very strong. Would be nice to see a Siyah kernel for ICS!!
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  6. Shotgun84

    Shotgun84 Well-Known Member

    We will get them soon. Samsung haven't released the source codes yet, but as soon as they do I'm sure the devs will be on it.
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  7. rekyl

    rekyl New Member

    Thanks for clearing that up! I will have some patience then, :)
  8. Kie

    Kie Well-Known Member

    Personally, I've reverted back to v3.1 for now. v4.1 is an absolute battery killer. It's okay when idle but when in use it's like you're constantly playing 3 games at once. I literally watched the battery drop 3% whilst just scrolling around my apps and home screen. I've lodged the extreme battery use with the dev, so hopefully he can find whatever he changed between 3.1 and 4.1 that uses so much juice.

    It's funny because v3.1 has the best battery life i've ever had and v4.1 has the worst!

    UPDATE: As I posted, adesirello has updated his OP with a changelog for v5.0 to be released in a few hours! It promises battery saving! We shall see :D It's based on the new, supposedly even more stable LPB rom released a couple of days ago by sammobile!

    - Based on Stock Rom XXLPB
    - Modem: XXLPB
    - CSC: OXALP5
    - More FASTER and SMOOTH
    - Kernel CF-Root fixed
    - 15 in Status Bar Toggles (JKay style)
    - CRT Effect Off
    - All Languages (Multi CSC)
    - Added Launcher Trebuchet
    - Added Launcher Nova
    - NO more crashes or reboots
    - NO more Fc
    - FM Radio working!
    - Added Google Messenger.apk
    - Added Samusng service (Account Samsung)
    - Added Google+.apk
    - Data and WiFi signal more better
    - Google Apps Updated to last version (v11)
    - New Bootanimation
    - And much more...
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  9. johnbhoyc

    johnbhoyc Well-Known Member

    I installed this the other dayb but Im unsure about something. Do I need to update the ROM regularly?

    I'm on XXLP6. is this already an older version 4.1?

    I notice theres a v5 now and it's XXLPB.

    Should I be installing this?
  10. Choronzonix

    Choronzonix Well-Known Member

    I think i'm going to have to bite the bullet and give this a try now. LPB appears to b e getting solid reports.
  11. cozins17

    cozins17 Well-Known Member

    Mmmmm, now I am really intrigued!!

    I previously reported of issues with V4 ;
    "Phone seemed fine last night, put on charge when went to bed and noticed very slow charging off mains. Took phone off charge at 7:10 and by 10 was down to 62%!!!! Battery usage shows Google services at 37% - not sure re this as far as u know shouldn't be syncing or doing anything.

    Also, not receiving phone calls. Making fine and texts appear fine.

    Not sure on signal either as struggling for 'g' where I am now which should be lot better!!"

    As I was at work & couldnt do much I just left it on charge with thought of sorting later, well so far have found no need to change after all.

    I took phone off charge at approx 5pm, 3G wi fi, calling, txt etc all seems great no problems. Not found anything that doesnt work :D Think only 3 force closes since and still have 49% battery and have been very active on it. Think it was 69% when I last looked about 10.30 last night, couldnt find charger and at 8/9 am was only down to 62%!!

    Best battery performance I think I've had yet. Whole performance of ROM is near incredible.

    Anyone trying this be patient as, as I've found, it may be patchy to start but bloody hell does it get good!!!

    Now V5.0 is out reporting to be better, faster, smoother, etc!! :cool: Cannot wait to give it a go (as soon assite lets me download it :()
  12. suparuss

    suparuss Well-Known Member Contributor

    AndyX ROM 4.1 is amazing, I'm downloading 5.0 now.

    A lot of people are bringing up the facebook sync problem, but that's with all ICS ROMs, Google have disabled Facebook sync due to their falling out
  13. Choronzonix

    Choronzonix Well-Known Member

    Tbh Facebook sync is such a non-event of an issue, I can't understand how people are getting so upset about it. If it matters that much to people surely they can just get another contacts app that supports it?
  14. Twinn

    Twinn Well-Known Member

    Thx Kie :) good to be useful sometimes ;) and thx for "developing" it further!
    Ps still havent time to test it :( too much work... maybe next week i ll finally have some time for myself and S2 :D
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  15. ZR160_MAJ

    ZR160_MAJ Well-Known Member

    DOWNLOADING V5.1 NOAAAW. Im soo excited, jus like a fat kid waiting for his mothers pie lol
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  16. Kie

    Kie Well-Known Member

    I'm trying but is awful!
  17. JSR84

    JSR84 Well-Known Member

    It took me over an hour! I kind of miss Megaupload!

    I installed it tonight and played around for a bit, and its pretty good, I'm not used to seeing that much used memory! I cant wait for some custom Kernels and more custom ROM's based on ICS.
  18. simes6600

    simes6600 Well-Known Member

    had a play around with v5 this morning. very smooth interface and only one FC when i tried to select nova launcher as default for the first time. my APN settings were all there via O2. market wouldn't connect first go, reboot fixed that. the battery though, was basically counting down before my eyes. to be fair, i noticed a few unnecessary services running, and the thing came with default haptic, big brightness etc, so battery could be tweaked. ICS will be lovely when it gets summat like Siyah.

    had a "problem" with titanium which i never encountered before, when restoring apps it would restore them one by one instead of all automatically. had to manually select install at each one, got fed up after about 10 or so and stopped. if i selected cancel install, titanium hangs and the service hadda be stopped to get it working again.

    so back to CheckRom again until they bring out their own vers of ICS.

    lush bootscreen anim too, is there a zip of it anywhere? :)
  19. suparuss

    suparuss Well-Known Member Contributor

    I just downgraded back to AndyX 4.1
    5.1 had too many issues - blank screen on call, lots of FCs, titanium backup issues, kept resetting.
    4.1 only has problems with GPS
  20. Choronzonix

    Choronzonix Well-Known Member

    I tried v5 briefly last night but reverted back to CheckRom as I was having lots of issues with trying to restore apps via Titanium. Oh well.
  21. suparuss

    suparuss Well-Known Member Contributor

    anyone know how to fix the GPS on 4.1? I've flashed update 1 but it didn't do it
  22. cozins17

    cozins17 Well-Known Member

    Having endless problems with V5.1, loads of FC's same as V5.0.
    Anyone know or have any other links for V4.1 as been trying all morning but stupid upload website wont let me download :mad:
  23. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

  24. ZR160_MAJ

    ZR160_MAJ Well-Known Member

    Version 5 is ok for me so far. Only issue i have is contacts does not respond lol
  25. suparuss

    suparuss Well-Known Member Contributor

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