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  1. captin caveman

    captin caveman Well-Known Member

    A few questions from a relative noob , this is where I am now and Im looking to flash your 5.2 Rom could you talk me through it ??


  2. cozins17

    cozins17 Well-Known Member!
    So with 5.2 I can move apps to SD but will lose all my 3g/HSDPA data connection??

    Another thing I've noticed just today, none of my games are working?? Any ideas?
  3. Kie

    Kie Well-Known Member

    All credit to the rom goes to adesirello on xda.

    Regardless on what rom you were on before, I'd recommend backup with Titanium / SMS Backup/Restore, then using CWM Recovery: full wipe, wipe cache, wipe dalvik, wipe battery stats, wipe cache, wipe dalvik, wipe battery stats then install. I'm assuming you are already rooted of course.
  4. srsbsnyo

    srsbsnyo New Member

    Could somebody PM me a mirror for 5.2? To get swype, do I just install update 4.1 even though I'm currently on 5.1?
  5. Kie

    Kie Well-Known Member

    I don't believe adesirello would permit me to link a mirror. People on xda have mirrors floating around. Check the thread.

    Regarding Swype, it's better to just download it from the market rather than install an old update.
  6. Kie

    Kie Well-Known Member

    Alright just an update on v5.2. I finally got around to installing it and turns out Radio actually means FM Radio, not 3G etc... So my 3G works fine! But for some reason, the FM Radio doesn't work. I never use it anyway *shrug*
  7. turbohobbit

    turbohobbit Well-Known Member

    I've not really been following this to be honest (busy at work at the moment) - is this looking something like a (relatively) stable ICS ROM?!?
  8. suparuss

    suparuss Well-Known Member Contributor

    Yes, it's very stable - I only get about 1 crash per day and I've been running it for a couple of weeks now (although 5.0 was rubbish and I skipped it).

    5.2 is good!
  9. captin caveman

    captin caveman Well-Known Member

    fantastic ROM , only had a few hours but so far sooo good :)
  10. subsist

    subsist Active Member

    My galaxy s2 is arriving someday this week. I will be rooting it and installing this ROM straight away. Looks absolutely great and all the major kinks seem to have been ironed out. I was going to install CM7 but a stable ice cream sandwich ROM has been what I wanted all along!
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  11. Kie

    Kie Well-Known Member

    Sure is my good mate. There's a few kinks to work out still and it seems that different people have varying problems, but the majority of users are very happy with it. Try it and see if you're one of them!

    Also, v5.3 is out!!

    - Softer and more stable
    - Added Swype (operating)
    - Added New Flash Player
    - Added New Maps 6.3.0 (Less battery consumption)
    - Added Video Editor
    - Fixed TTS (Text to Speech)
    - Fixed signal icons 3G, H, etc.
    - Added Launcher Trebuchet (New version)
    - Added Launcher Nova (New version)
    - Fixed Polaris Office
    - Fixed DSP Manager
    - Arrangements in the Framework and Settings ...
    - More ICS theme
    - More things ...

    It's working great for me! Only had time to flash and restore but seems great as usual! Also, sorry but I can't update the first post just now. Wedding is in 2 days and sooooo much to do!

    There's also a new kernel to use, LPH. Download links on the xda thread, as usual.

    AND: adesirello has said that a new version (probably v6.0) will be out next week, based on new leaked LPH rom. Can't wait!
  12. captin caveman

    captin caveman Well-Known Member

    would'nt bother with v5.3 as it seems to have all the problems v5.1 had and more , gonna wait for v6.0 even though v5.2 is good for me theres no harm in taking a peek
  13. Kie

    Kie Well-Known Member

    I never really had any troubles personally with v5.1 but this one does seem to have a couple more crashes than usual. I'll stick with it, but looking forward to v6.0!
  14. khadir

    khadir New Member

    dears . i need the downlod link for v5.3 please
  15. ooberandy

    ooberandy Well-Known Member

    That would be in the first post of this thread...
  16. sagy101

    sagy101 New Member

    Tnx I will try looks ans sounds great
  17. subsist

    subsist Active Member

    I've installed 5.2 as people have been badmouthing 5.1 and 5.3. However, my wi-fi is acting a little strange. I can detect signals but the "connect" option remains greyed out at the password screen. Anyone else having this problem? Any known work-arounds?

    EDIT: Solved the problem. For some reason I had to go into advanced options and tick the box about a WPS pin on the router.. never had to do that on my desire or laptop. Strange.
  18. Kie

    Kie Well-Known Member

    Alright guys I'm gonna be on holiday for a couple of weeks (on Honeymoon!!) so I'll do a massive update when I get back (v8 will prolly be out by then :p).
  19. ZR160_MAJ

    ZR160_MAJ Well-Known Member

    Enjoy babes and remeber bring me back some sweets and where IS MY PIECE OF ANDROID CAKE LOL
  20. subsist

    subsist Active Member

    I've found one consistent glitch where the phone crashes if the screen is locked with the LED torch switched on. Apart from that AndyX ROM 5.2 is as smooth as ice cream.
  21. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Pics or it didn't happen! :)

    Belated congratulations, Kie. I'll be complaining to Royal Mail as my invitation obviously got lost in the post. :(

    Enjoy yourselves, and if I see you logged-in over the next 2wks I'll be banning your account until you're back home! :p
  22. vince1

    vince1 Well-Known Member

    6.0 is out and available to download.
    Downloading as I write this.

    Changelogs v6.0

    ★ Based on Stock Rom XXLPH
    ★ Kernel CF-Root LPH (Thanks Chainfire)
    ★ Modem LPH
    ★ Tweaks y mods
    ★ Better performance and battery life
    ★ Quit SMS on call logs
    ★ CRT Effect Off
    ★ More Fast, smooth and more Stable!
    ★ New version Nova Launcher! and Trebuchet Launcher too
    ★ Added New Maps 6.3.0 (Less battery consumption)
    ★ Fixed Polaris Office
    ★ Fixed DSP Manager
    ★ Fixed TTS (Text to Speech)
    ★ More ICS Themed by me!
    ★ New icons style ICS!
    ★ And much more!!


    Before install apps from Market, go to settings/storage/unmount sd card
    install all apps and after mount sd card.

    Install app Flash Player from Market and works fine

    Swype app register in swype beta web and app works fine
  23. karmakid64

    karmakid64 New Member

    i am having market issues android markets does not install with the and when i nstall it seperately it crashes any suggestions please?
  24. vince1

    vince1 Well-Known Member

    Id suggest you start a new thread and this is about the new Andy X Rom based on ICS and I think your talking about the old version based on Gingerbread.
  25. daffyduck

    daffyduck Well-Known Member

    Guys, sorry to tell you that Andy's ROM thread over on xda developers has been closed for repeated rules violations on posting material on the thread.

    Its not a surprise to me as the OP was warned repeatedly about some of the things he was doing.

    So, you may want to try another ROM while the OP attempts to get his thread reopened (which I'm not sure is possible).
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