angry birds for htc hero

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  1. pcbluesox

    pcbluesox New Member

    I have a hero with Android 2.1 and no angry birds. How do i get it.

  2. Ummm, download it from the market.
  3. jimdroid

    jimdroid Well-Known Member

    it doesn't show on the Market on the Hero.
  4. Chroma

    Chroma Well-Known Member

  5. Ziani

    Ziani Well-Known Member

  6. pcbluesox

    pcbluesox New Member

    I downloaded the app and installer and found it on app brain then i selected it and it said item not found.
  7. Ziani

    Ziani Well-Known Member

  8. pcbluesox

    pcbluesox New Member

    Ok thanks ill try it when I'm.around a computer.
  9. DougieCow

    DougieCow New Member

    Now available officially on the Market for HTC Hero

    Downloaded and playing as we speak.
  10. mrreach_69

    mrreach_69 Member

    Does anyone else find it rather laggy??
  11. Xyro

    Xyro 4 8 15 16 23 42 Moderator

    It's extremely laggy here. Far more so than the beta, even with ads blocked.
  12. Ziani

    Ziani Well-Known Member

    Yeah, uninstalled it, just too painful to play
  13. phillevy

    phillevy Well-Known Member

    Agreed - so disappointing that I've gone back to the beta which at least is playable. Being able to play this smoothly is probably the only reason I would want to get a newer phone!
  14. walkinhotdog

    walkinhotdog Well-Known Member

    omg same here, i want a new phone now too lol but im going to wait until the new gingerbread phones come out before deciding, guess ill have to hold out on angry birds for now =(
  15. whitecloud197

    whitecloud197 Active Member

    Yeah I installed it Just this morning, Way to laggy to be enjoyable, I nearly cried.....

    My friend showed me the game on her iphone and it ran nice and smooth, im kind of Pissed....
  16. Steve-Silver

    Steve-Silver Member

    Agreed, way to slow to enjoy. Like playing in slow motion!
  17. mattdanielc

    mattdanielc Well-Known Member

    Might as well sign in and agree too! Ah well - can't wait to get a new phone :)
  18. whitecloud197

    whitecloud197 Active Member

    Really Matt?

    Thats sad to hear Cuz Im only 4 days into using my HTC HEro !!! :(
  19. whitecloud197

    whitecloud197 Active Member

    So has anyone been able to get Angry Birds to run smoothly on there Hero Yet ?
  20. topcorner

    topcorner Well-Known Member

    Did anyone have issues with it installing? I got the insufficient storage error. I have enough space (about 100mb). I think maybe because it's to do with Apps2SD? Is there a work around?
  21. jh2abear

    jh2abear New Member

    Please, oh please someone figure out how to get this game to run smoothly! I might just die!
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  22. mattdanielc

    mattdanielc Well-Known Member

    Yeah - only because I am a big geek and I want to play the best games on my phone - the hero is getting old now and sadly unless you root your phone we can't install games to SD - which means we have limited space for games - especially for games like angry birds which are in comparison large.

    Also over here in the UK my carrier - Orange - released the 2.1 update and really made a mess of it - my phone sometimes won't send txt messages / loses its signal etc so I just want a new phone :(

    However my contract won't allow me to till October 2011...!
  23. whitecloud197

    whitecloud197 Active Member

    Awww That sucks, lol,
    Thats too bad about your 2.1 update, i got mine and seems fine,
    Although my phone seems kind of laggy every now and again but for the most part its acting fine.
  24. Xyro

    Xyro 4 8 15 16 23 42 Moderator

    @mattdanielc Sounds like you ought to root your phone :)
  25. shadow90

    shadow90 Member

    yep, the game is too laggy.. uninstalled it :(

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