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Angry birds on GT540?Support

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  1. appmad

    appmad Member

    Hi, Can you help? Is Angry birds available on the GT540 in UK?

  2. soulclaimed

    soulclaimed Member

  3. appmad

    appmad Member

    Cheers, where did you find it? It doesn't apear when I search on Android market.
  4. lmshsqlc

    lmshsqlc New Member

    I've played a version if angry bird,and it is seem that 480*320 is not avaliable on our gt540
  5. lmshsqlc

    lmshsqlc New Member

    sorry for correcting a word,it is "of" but not "if".
  6. eyew

    eyew Member

    Got it from get.jar.com. Display didn't show correctly with 1.6 but works fine with 2.1 for me.
  7. georgis4

    georgis4 New Member

    now you can get it from the market and YES it works!

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