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  1. Hits

    Hits New Member

    Hi, I just purchased a new Android ZTE racer, but i am not being able to load angry bird on it. any angry birds version, not even angry bird seasons. It says application is not supported and could not be downloaded. can someone please help as to how I can download it on my phn successfully. thanks :(

  2. SpareBits

    SpareBits Member

    Any time the official android Market doesn't let you install an app, try GetJar. You should also install GetJar's own app on your phone.

    The sci-fi RPG "Cyberlords - Arcology" from the Market would download onto my Racer but would not install. I went over to GetJar and it downloaded, installed, and plays just fine.
  3. Hits

    Hits New Member

    Thanks for your post

    That work for me !!!
  4. redhawkuk

    redhawkuk New Member

    Why is Angry Birds missing from the Android Market when this game clearly runs on a ZTE Racer??

    Is there a way to prevent Google from making certain apps disappear from my search results??

    Richard S.

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