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  1. z24

    z24 Member

    Hi all
    Every time I try to download angy birds, I get a `download unsuccessful message. Anybody else have this problem. I`m using the market.

  2. spotdog14

    spotdog14 Member

    I have no problem downloading and installing but for some reason it disappears for me. Sometimes it says it is installed in the market and I can open it that way and sometimes it doesn't. It rarely shows up in the app drawer.
  3. TheEngineer

    TheEngineer Well-Known Member

    Google the problem. There is a file you need to delete on your SD card that is preventing it.
  4. z24

    z24 Member

    Got it to work, thanks guys!
  5. Webflinger

    Webflinger Member

    I've an ASUS EEE pad and my son loves playing angry birds on it but want something a little cheaper for him to dribble on.
    Does angry birds play well on the Achos 101, and are their many other games available for free to download?
  6. rlauzon

    rlauzon Member

    Yes. I have a great deal of many free games on my Archos 101. They play just fine (in some cases they work much better on the large screen).

    Be aware that some games simply won't run.
    Others may run, but may be formatted for a small screen, so they really won't work.

    Also, the Android App stores really don't support the Archos. So many of the games may have to be "side-loaded" (i.e. you copy the .apk file over to install the game).

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