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angry birds

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  1. ste1604

    ste1604 Well-Known Member

    has anybody tried it on the tattoo, does it work ok,??

  2. ap4

    ap4 New Member

    I tried, but I can't even install it. I have about 45 MB free space (the apk is about 12 MB), but it just says that there is not enough space to install. I doubt it would run very good anyway. I really want a Desire...... :)
  3. ste1604

    ste1604 Well-Known Member

    have you got htc tattoo, it requires 45-50mb.
  4. steevc

    steevc Member

    I managed to install it, but when I run it I can hear music, but everything seems to be off the screen. Can just see some text. I assume it doesn't work on a small screen.
  5. steevc

    steevc Member

    I got the newer version from the market that is supposed to support QVGA. Still get the same problem, i.e. it doesn't fit on the screen.

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