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Animated Wallpapers?

  1. Jsaini04

    Jsaini04 Active Member

    Can I get animated wallpapers to work on Behold II (the gayest android phone)?

  2. behold_this

    behold_this Well-Known Member

    Get your facts right dude...everyone knows the worst android phone is the moto backflip!:) to answer your question I'll ask you one...does the behold have 2.1...no it does not so...no animated wallpaper.
  3. Jsaini04

    Jsaini04 Active Member

    Oh ok so only 2.1 supports animated wallpapers and what I meant was that its ONE of the gayest android phones cuz like I'd say Droid's internal software is the sh*t (<--I did that...lol?)
  4. behold_this

    behold_this Well-Known Member

    All good...I love my b2, but it's not running stock firmware so take that for what it's worth. But there is masive potential with this phone.
  5. btbarr

    btbarr Well-Known Member

    Agreed. With the Amoled and the 5mp camera with samsungs camera app, for the price it's one of the better phones out there. That is if you take the time to odin the 1.6 no twiz rom or even the 1.5 no twiz rom. I mean it't no EVO or Droid incredible, but it beats any other T-Mobile android phone out there. If we ever get a working 2.1 rom or 2.2 it'll be a great phone. I mean I got my phone of of ebay since I wasn't due for an upgrade and at $250 as apposed to $500 something for the nexus one which has problems and google has said they are done trying to improve it I'm happy with my phone. Just takes a little effort to get it running nice and smooth. Although, I will agree it shouldn't be up to us to make it a good phone.
  6. Jsaini04

    Jsaini04 Active Member

    Yea just herd today that 1.6 might be the last update for the Behold.

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