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  1. kishore28

    kishore28 Member

    Hello frnds,

    when i try to drag the screen on the edge of the list its not coming rather some blur color is exposing, when i checked same on galaxy Ace the animation is gud the last one just comes and gos away but in galaxy y its not the case when i drag the last option in the list it just doesnot come rather it is giving some blur color. Is this the problem of the android version or the problem of the peace because its a low cost one.

  2. Blacklist3

    Blacklist3 Member

    Its a new effect in ginger bread......not an animation malfunction
  3. kishore28

    kishore28 Member

    Its not looking for me as a effect..i think some problem with gingerberd..
  4. Blacklist3

    Blacklist3 Member

    That's because the galaxy Y has a low resolution low quality screen. Just check other higher end phones that runs on ginger bread. Then you'll know
  5. kishore28

    kishore28 Member

    wht does that means frnd..

    Galaxy y is having a good quality capacitive touchscreen then how can it give that bad effect.
  6. varun.chitre15

    varun.chitre15 Well-Known Member Developer

    He is talking about resolution and not screen quality.
    Galaxy y has 240x 320 resolution which is lite so no clarity.
    At least 320x480 resolution is required for good quality.
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  7. blooberi15

    blooberi15 Member

    It's an animation or effect that made the update. It's color blue right?

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