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  1. yuukei

    yuukei Active Member

    So I read on other sites that if you turn window animation scale and transition animation scale down to 0.5x or off it will speed up your s3. However my question is...

    Do you also change Animator Duration Scale down to 0.5x or off please? Is this also related to the animation and transitions or is this a whole different thing? Thanks.


  2. funkylogik

    funkylogik share the love peeps ;) VIP Member

    Yeah you can decrease that too. The phone doesnt really get faster but transition between apps and pages does. The transitions just look less pretty. Theres no harm experimenting with it. Try increasing it and youll understand what it does :thumbup:
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  3. yuukei

    yuukei Active Member

    Thanks! I shall try it out :) Had to ask before I fiddle with it in case it causes problems in ways I'm not aware of.
  4. funkylogik

    funkylogik share the love peeps ;) VIP Member

    Yeah some of the dev options can be dangerous but those are fine :)
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  5. GreyCloud

    GreyCloud New Member

    Best Answer
    I know original question is over a year old, but I was looking answer what "Animator duration scale" is, and I did not find the answer. All links I've googled led to threads like this one, where is no exact explanation of that 3rd animation setting.
    I've tried to adjust this settings and if anyone interested this is results:

    Window animation scale(1) and transition animation scale (2) are pretty clear to me.
    When you lower the scale it shorten the animation duration of

    1) every opened window or let's say options window. Options in chrome, share button e.g. When you set Window animation scale to 5x and open chrome, press options, you will see that that animation of opening options window take 5x longer than usual.

    2) transition between new opened apps. Try to set transition animation scale to 5 or 10x and every opened app will take 10x more time to launch, because animation of launching it takes 10x longer time.

    First I didn't notice any changes in Animator duration scale settings.
    But than I tried to set it to 10x and Isaw it :)
    It is , I don't know how to call it, let's say in app animation.
    Again, try to set it to 10x , open chrome, press menu button and you can see this fancy animation of menu options came trough.

    You can find a video called "Animator duration scale (android)" where you can see the difference.
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