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Annoying text messages lag/delay when receiving new text messages..Support

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  1. mafmmx

    mafmmx Member

    Ok i notice this started happening maybe about a month ago or so? It wasnt like this when i first got my S3 new from AT&T. Its a rather odd delay when i am texting someone. It may not seem like that big of deal to someone else, but when i have to keep scrolling up to read a new messages, it becomes annoying. Anyways..

    Lets say i am in a text conversation with someone ( SMS text ) and i sent a reply. Well when the other party replies to my text, It doesnt show up AFTER or BELOW my recent text, It shows ABOVE or BEFORE my recent text, So i have to scroll up, past my last text to view there text.

    Pretty much, Its almost like a delay of some sort. If i text someone and they reply, there reply is ABOVE my text, not below my text ( like it should be ) so everytime i get text messages i have to scroll up past my recent text to view there text.

    Get what i am saying?

    Anyone else notice this? or know why this is happening? Drive me nuts when i am having a long drawn out conversation via text messages to have to keep scrolling all the time.

  2. Heisenberg123

    Heisenberg123 Well-Known Member

    thats very odd, never happened to me, any text message issues i have ive always blamed the carrier, are the replies time stamped properly or are they time stamped with an earlier time that your message
  3. Jenbeeb03

    Jenbeeb03 New Member

    im so glad u posted about this issue because i am having the same issue and its driving me cerazie and no one else posted about it yet! i have researched it and researched it and came to NO conclusion on how to fix it. Some said it might be due to current signal strength at the time ur texting? i know when im at work my signal sucks so maybe that is why. but it seems to have happened to me at home and other places too where i had AWESUM signal strength. So im at a loss. I dont rly think its a fone issue being that like nobody else seems to be having this same issue as us or at least aren't posting about it yet. Maybe its our carrier as i too am on AT&T or maybe its our SIM cards? idk. Let me know if u find anything else out! Thanks and i feel ur frustrations!:confused:
  4. mafmmx

    mafmmx Member

    WOW.. so just 1 other person has this issue? thats really odd. I have tried everything from a reset to removing sim to you name it.. and still nothing.. its driving me nuts.. Its not a reception issue because this happens anywhere and everywhere.. all the time..
  5. mafmmx

    mafmmx Member

    i have done 2 sim card swaps and still, same issue.. if i put my sim into another phone ( iphone ) the problem is not there.. So it is phone related.. I know this sounds really pathetic to complain about people but when you start sending and recieving long text messages and you have to keep scrolling and scrolling up to view the new ones that were just recieved its annoying as hell. Nobody else notices this? or is everyone just tkaing this as normal?

    Here is a example..

    If i text someone ( lets say Tom ) for instance.. here is how the conversation looks..

    I start the conversation with, Hey Tom, Whats up? See how his replies come ABOVE my sent messages? its almost like the phone is displaying them backwards, but the time stamps are all correct!

    Nothing man, What new with you? ( 8:41pm )
    I am not sure yet, Let me check my schedule... ( 8:43pm )
    Hey tom, Whats up? ( 8:40pm )
    Nothing new with me, Just the same old stuff.. What are you up to tomorrow? ( 8:42pm )
  6. czechplastik

    czechplastik Well-Known Member

    Check the time on your friends phones. If it's different there's your issue.
  7. Heisenberg123

    Heisenberg123 Well-Known Member

    you sound like you made at us for not also having such a rare issue, what did your carrier say are you and Tom on the same carrier?
  8. Dieselbud

    Dieselbud Well-Known Member

    This happened to me 2 years ago with my Samsung Galaxy Captivate.

    It is not that uncommon really, if you google SMS Timestamp Wrong you will see it happens randomly with all kinds of androids on all different carriers using different SMS apps. Chomp/Handcent/GoSMS

    I have yet to see a definite reason for it, although there is speculation that it is a network problem, not a phone problem....

    you can download an SMS Timestamp fix app from the playstore and it will probably fix the problem.

    SMS Time Fix

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