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Another Adult Animation Booty Boot :)

I'm feeling a little underappreciated lately opinions people Should I quit making bootanimations?

  1. Yes

  2. No


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  1. LiQuIDzGrL

    LiQuIDzGrL Active Member

    Here's another adult nature style or realistically in a sense pg13 boot animation. Plain Pic Preview included in thread............ Get it Now click Here!

    If you missed the other one you can see it here on Android Forums:
    18 + Adult Boot Animation

    For some of my other non-adult animation work visit:here


    After downloading, for users that are not already familiar with this you will need to make sure that you rename the boot animation when ready to use to the name bootanimation.zip exactly as I have it spelled there and I do believe that it is case sensitive.

    Also, if you are a newly rooted user or are not sure how to replace this I recommend using
    root explorer - and then follow these steps:

    1.Rename file xyz.zip to bootanimation.zip

    2.Copy or Move File

    3.Go to System/Media

    4.Select Read/Write setting

    5.Paste and click OK to overwrite(possibly copy this to another directory for a bakup before overwriting or you will lose the bootanimation already in your phone)

    6.Long press to generate menu and select permissions

    7.Select rw-r-r or use all permissions

    8.Select Read/Only setting

    9.Reboot and Enjoy[​IMG]

    Another option is to:

    put the bootanimation.zip, using terminal into data/local ...
    typing command:

    #cp /sdcard/bootanimation.zip /data/local/

    Keep the spaces it won't work without them also do not type the # symbols
    # = superuser privileges
    $ = no super user privileges

    If anyone encounters any bugs, etc... or you just need a little more help on how to use these just post and I'll and I'm sure other users too, will be more than happy to do my/our best to correct any issues or assist in answering your questions.

    I truly hope everyone enjoys and please consider donating (link at bottom) if you like my or
    LiQuID's [​IMG]hard work as we are struggling and can barely make it right now. If you can't we understand too and enjoy bringing you more enjoyment with your phones, we just ask if you can spare anything to please consider trying to help out a family in need.[​IMG]

    [​IMG] Thank You everyone for your continued support. [​IMG][​IMG]


    If you like my work and want to make a donation I would appreciate
    any generosity[​IMG]
    Click here to DONATE

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  2. ballisticn8

    ballisticn8 Well-Known Member

    Woot, keep on uploading boot ani's lmao... :D
  3. Rollo_Tomasi

    Rollo_Tomasi Active Member

    I plan on trying this out tonight when I get home from my run. Looking forward to something cool on the boot screen :)
  4. Lock-N-Load

    Lock-N-Load Well-Known Member

    I think people should make stuff for themselves first, then provide to others seconds. if they dig on it great, if not, who cares.

    I make all kinds of LauncherPro dock icons for myself and upload them to their site secondary.. some people dig and use, some not.. who cares
  5. Lock-N-Load

    Lock-N-Load Well-Known Member

    BTW, do you know the name of that app that allows you to preview boot animations on your computer before loading them?

    edit: found it, nice way to preview boot animations to see if you like
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  6. KaveMahn

    KaveMahn Active Member

    I love all your boot animations especially this one. Please don't stop I look forward to seeing more of your work.
  7. acidrane

    acidrane Well-Known Member

    ok i just looked at them using the preview app. god damn that's hot! haha keep doing what you're doing!

    ps: i gotta ask. izzat you? :p
  8. LiQuIDzGrL

    LiQuIDzGrL Active Member

    I was gonna keep everyone guessing on that one but i guess i'll share sorry to disappoint all of u lol however i think mine is better and no offense to the girls whose bodies are being viewed on these animations but i respect myself far too much than to share my body to the public like that

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