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  1. abevuk

    abevuk Active Member

    Guys please forgive the tone of this post but I'm bloody furious! The third time tonight since I've had my S4 and the battery has died on me...when I've got home and plugged the charger in the phone states I have a damaged SD card,it's a week old as I replaced the last one following the same warning...I've just lost over 300 family photos and 15gb of music and its suddenly dawned on me that it's probably the hand set and not the

  2. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Hello Andy. Before you give up on the S4, perhaps a visit to the point of purchase for a techy look, a repair or replacement. It sounds like you've got a defective unit there.

    You can check your battery contacts, both on the battery and in the battery compartment, for bends or breaks or dirt or moisture, but I'd just take it in. Those are great phones. :)
  3. Veritas4420

    Veritas4420 Well-Known Member

    It sounds like you just have a faulty phone. I'd get the phone replaced and then try out the replacement.
  4. swampymc8

    swampymc8 Well-Known Member

    my s4 did same thing last week woke up in morning and had message about card . I just put it down to "one of those things" , got another card now , but don't no what caused it . will be intresting to see what other people put
  5. Tware

    Tware Well-Known Member

    Dropsync (paid) and dropbox, syncing on wifi+charge almost every night, has saved me repeatedly. both on my S3 and S4. I'm not sure there is a 100% solution to mSD corruption, even with Samsung cards.. but you can certainly mitigate the loss with cloud storage and a good sync app of your choosing.

    btw, this has happened to me twice. once a 16gb s4 and recently on a 32G one. I was able to read it in a pc though.
  6. abevuk

    abevuk Active Member

    Guys thanks for your replies.... All good ideas! I'm just really really gutted about the photos....

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