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  1. sophie999

    sophie999 Active Member


    I have a question about GPS.

    As some other users, my GPS is rather unreliable. Here is what I noticed. When I try to use GPS and it cannot locate, I use GPS test. Interesting thing is that many times it does NOTHING. Usually, GPS test shows you bars corresponding to sats the phone is trying to use. Here my screen is blank. No bars of any color at all, like GPS is not even trying to connect. Sometimes reboot fixes it, sometimes not. I am in Europe now, trying to use it for Nav, and cannot get anything to work. Tried for about 4 hrs now. Usually, GPS test connects within 5 min with clear sky. Used it a lot in Europe with my old HTC TP2.

    Any advice?



  2. MachineGunnWilly

    MachineGunnWilly Well-Known Member

    Wish I could be a better help. The gps on my phone is HORRIBLE. I have to power down the phone, take battery out and then go to phone settings and update the profile and PRL.
    Hope it works for you. I'm praying the update we have coming rt around the corner fixes our issues.
  3. rbasusparky

    rbasusparky Well-Known Member

    sophie999, I would use the GPS Status & Toolbox app instead of GPS Test which I had previously used as well

    Here is what I had posted on another GPS issue thread:

    It is advisable to download and install GPS Status & Toobox (EclipSim) from the Android market. GPS Status & Toolbox can reset the phone's GPS cache and download the aGPS almanac data which is very handy if your phone is having an issue getting a GPS fix (within 10 seconds if not a few minutes).

    Here is the market link for the app: result#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEsImNvbS5lY2xpcHNpbS5ncHNz dGF0dXMyIl0.

    GPS Status & Toolbox allows you to reset the GPS cache and download aGPS almanac data through the following process (Menu->Tools->Manage aGPS Data, select 'Reset' and then repeat the steps and select "Download' to download the aGPS almanac data) to help your GPS get almanac data on the satellites. Here is some information about it:

    Before I plan on using the GPS on my phone for running (Runkeeper) or Navigation (Google Navigation with the blue arrowhead app icon), I always turn on the phone's GPS and then launch GPS Status & Toolbox first to ensure that I get a good lock on my phone (usually 1 - 6 meters of error).

    I have a very high success rate of getting a good GPS lock within 10 seconds, especially on a clear day, whether indoors or outdoors and I don
  4. sophie999

    sophie999 Active Member

    Thanks guys.

    So, I turned phone on, and was able to get gps working even though there is no cell signal here in Europe. Now my IGO works. However, I cannot get initial fix while in plane mode, and I used to be able to do so with windows phones using GPS test. Very interesting. While the phone in plane mode, IGO keeps GPS track once signal is acquired, but pretty weak, and after long breaks I need to turn phone on again. Not sure how it helps, because I do not have cell data or signal here, but somehow it seems GPS just shuts down randomly, dependng on your settings and apps you are running. Something is interfering with it and does not allow it to wok properly.

  5. rbasusparky

    rbasusparky Well-Known Member

    GPS on smart phones works independently of cellular network signal. You should be able to use GPS in conjunction with an app that only requires GPS like offline GPS apps like iGO My Way or Locus/Locus Free, CoPilot, NAVIGON, etc. or Golf (shot tracking) apps. I'm not sure why GPS Test does not seem to work without a network signal but if you have access to wifi, you might want to download GPS Status & Toolbox and see if you can confirm how good of a GPS lock you have (number of satellites locked onto and error accuracy range) as well as determine whether you need to reset the GPS cache and download the latest aGPS almanac data (requires a cellular network or Wi-fi connection).

    Update: I just tested GPS Test and GPS Status & Toolbox in Airplane Mode and they will both work and get a satellite lock with the phone's GPS enabled and the phone in Airplane Mode. If GPS Test was not working in Airplane Mode on your phone, then the phone did not see any satellites and did not get a GPS lock. BTW, the Samsung Epic 4G Touch has a Power Saving Mode. If that setting is enabled and the remaining battery level is reached that triggers the Power Saving Mode, then depending on the settings that were enabled, GPS, Wifi, Bluetooth, and Sync may be turned off, overriding your current phone settings and brightness and the screen timeout settings may be modified as well.
  6. sophie999

    sophie999 Active Member



    This is exactly my concern. I used cell phone several times before for oversees travel and Nav. Same routine every time. Plane mode on-GPS test for initial fix-IGO on-no issues. I even tested this phone at home, and IGO got a fix right away. Given, I had a lot of AGPS data saved as I use nav at home every day.

    Here, me and my spouse have 2 same phones - et4g.

    We came here and were walking outside (no tall buildings) for 2 hours with GPS test running. Nothing- no bars at all, not even gray, no activity. Once i unchecked plane mode, no signal obviously, but got GPS fix in 2 min.

    I go was fine then in plane mode. 2 hrs later after not using gps, same thing. Could not get initial fix. Had to uncheck plane mode, and everything was fine.

    That is my concern. 2 similar phones. Same issue. Not weak GPS, just not allowed to operate normally.


  7. Thrash

    Thrash New Member

    I'm one of the lucky folks who get solid GPS locks quickly when I have a cell signal, but...

    I like to use (depend on) BackCountry Navigator while hiking in remote areas. With my EVO 4G, I could stay in Airplane Mode and my battery would last for days. I've tried GPS Test and GPS Status & Toolbox, but my Epic Touch will NOT see ANY satellites while in Airplane Mode. Neither will the GPS lock in areas with weak or no cell coverage. I've complained to Sprint, and they swear there are no known issues with the Epic Touch's GPS! UFB! I've even posted on their forum.

    I keep hoping for a fix in a future update, but unless Sprint and/or Samsung can be convinced that there's a problem, I'm not expecting it.

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