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  1. Peloquin-uk

    Peloquin-uk Well-Known Member

    Im on Orange UK with my sgs2 so not had the update yet. My question is it REALLY worth doing in your opinion?
    If you have had the update did you notice many differences?
    My concern is I've read a lot about people wanting to roll back to GB and batteries dying fast etc...

    Just after a few opinions really, is it a good move or better to wait for the next update?

  2. semus

    semus Well-Known Member

    In my opinion, eventually it will be alot better than gb, but right now there are still alot of bugs.
    When GB came out it was pretty buggy, at first and it became really good in time, and thats what i think will happen with ics in a few updates. 4.0.4 is coming soon, i think, and its already supposed to fix loads of bugs. Ill give it some more time before i give it another go.
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  3. Stranded87

    Stranded87 Member

    If you stick with Samsung's Touchwiz launcher then it doesn't seem that different from what I've seen but switching to Nova or Apex launcher makes it really worth it. Personally i've also found that if anything my battery seems to be lasting longer now (although that may just be down to switching launcher.) But enough people have been having problems that it might be worth waiting for them to iron out the bugs if you're not desperate for it.
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  4. ajmount88

    ajmount88 Well-Known Member

    I'll second using Apex or Nova if you do update. Stranded, do you get lag in folders using either launcher? It scrolling in them seems very laggy unless i turn off the app labels for some reason. Scrolling everywhere is perfectly fine.
  5. ajmount88

    ajmount88 Well-Known Member

    I had it happen in Nova, so I switched to Apex, but that's the same (but stuck with it rather than going back to Nova, as Apex gives you all the paid for features of Nova for free).
  6. Peloquin-uk

    Peloquin-uk Well-Known Member

    Thank you folks, these are exactly the sort of answers I was hoping for.
  7. Voltaire180

    Voltaire180 Member

    on orange uk to, and they're are taking their sweet bloody time launching ICS, but i believe it's worth the wait as i downloaded it for my HTC sensation and it fixed quite a few bugs, not to mention that the general layout, settings and speed were very much improved. So I'd say worth the wait, but with orange might be a hell of a long wait :(
  8. Stranded87

    Stranded87 Member

    Yeah they're quite laggy for me too. I can live with it given all the good things about ICS and Apex but definitely hoping for a fix.
  9. sntaylor

    sntaylor Well-Known Member Contributor

    IM guessing that the two launchers in question are best when rooting?

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