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  1. rjparker

    rjparker Member

    I think for the most part it is a HUGE improvement over the HTC Droid eris. T5hat being said, I have but three complaints.

    1. I find it cumbersome to wake the phone up. I was so used to the eris and the buttons on the front.

    2. No notification led light. I do miss that

    3. It won't play my audio books through my trucks stereo patch cord. (Help me out if you can)

    I do like the slide out keyboard a lot. With very little feeling in my left hand due to an accident, the slider is nice.
    It seems more intuitive (?) Its lighter but larger. Over all I am very happy with it. :)

  2. Sandroidfan

    Sandroidfan Well-Known Member

    Thanks for sharing your short review. Those seem like pretty minor cons to me. This is second LTE phone from Samsung on verizon this year. I'm just curious how well its 4G radio is holding when you are in 4G area. According to Phonearena review, it's said to keep dropping to 3G in a few minutes even when in strong 4G area.
  3. KnightCrusader

    KnightCrusader Well-Known Member

    I work in the north side of Cincinnati and live in Kentucky, so I drive through alot of 4G area everyday, and once its in 4G, it stays in 4G and stays pretty strong too... so I dunno what black hole Phonearena lives in...

    My 'bolt has issues sometimes switching back to 4G once I manually switch off the 3G only mode, but I blame that on CM7 more than the hardware.
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  4. rjparker

    rjparker Member

    I don't know about the radio function. I usually listen to siriusxm and don't use the apps for music. I'm still figuring out the differences between 3&4g. (Truckdriver without a lot of time)
  5. mmanna

    mmanna Member

    I was in Tampa for 2 days this past weekend and the 4g seemed solid. I only noticed it drop to 3g once and when I checked again it had switched back to 4g on it's own. I am having some problems now that I'm back at home (outside of the 4g coverage area) and I've had to reboot the phone about a half dozen time today to get my 3g to come back. Just got off the phone with Verizon and they've opened a ticket to investigate network issues
  6. p_025

    p_025 Well-Known Member

    I've never seen the word "that" spelled with a five before. This phone sounds perfect for me. I always found the notification LED on my Devour annoying at best, since I never knew wtf it was blinking about.
  7. Classicmm

    Classicmm Member

    Hey RJ,
    Thanks for the review and wifey feels the same about the keyboard. One of her "must" have's, so limited her choices greatly, as far as 4G. I agree about the LED, added an extra step to bump charge her battery. I like em. There talking about a different type of "radio" when they talk about 3/4G radio's. Sorry, can't help out with audio book situation, hope you get er figured out.

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