Another school shooting

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    I saw that, so sad.

    Last I heard 2 were shot and the shooter was in custody
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    Moved to PCA better served here ;)
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    One student is at the hospital. Stable but critical condition on life support. Doctor said he has a series of operations left to do but is expected to live. The second person was the teacher that just caught frag from the bullet. He didn't even go to the hospital. Both the victim & shooter were 16. Rumors was that the shooter was being bullied for over a year by the victim. He had a list of names on his list to shoot but was talked to by the school teacher and counselor to put the shotgun down. He was taken into custody at that time. Shooter was known as a quit student that kept to his self but was picked on when trying to talk to people. Taft is a community of about 10,000 resident (if that) and is mostly employed by oil workers.
  5. Speed Daemon

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    "They" already have. And it failed. There were armed guards in Columbine High School. That was in 1999, although my own high school had plainclothes police officers (who were required by law to carry firearms) on duty in the mid-'70s.

    Hysterical over-reactions have proved to be worthless as solutions. Time for something better.

    There are two common threads in most of these school shootings:

    1. Mental health issues with the shooters.
    2. Parents of the shooters who made sure they had firearms.
    In the case of Laurie Dann, who had numerous run-ins with law enforcement prior to her final fatal attacks, her family stonewalled even the FBI, and refused to get suitable medical treatment for what they knew to be a severe mental illness. They were more interested in their standing in the community.

    I'll not pretend to have a comprehensive solution. But it only makes sense to heed the warning signs before the tragedy can occur. At least it's a start that actually bothers to look at the cases first.
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    Oh crap. I heard about this and I live right here. However it was only the one student who was shot so I would imagine the kid with the shotgun intended to inflict some kind of damage to the victim. Perhaps he would have used his fists to put him in the hospital. When you really wanna hurt someone you find I way I guess. :(
  7. Speed Daemon

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    What if that one victim was you?
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    I wasn't justifying anything. I was just saying that since it was only one victim that he probably didn't have any plans of a mass shooting. Just an opinion. I IN NO WAY CONDONE SHOOTING STABBING OR ANY PHYSICAL OR EMOTIONAL DAMAGE to be done to any person.

    Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, apparently he did have more ammo on him and missed a second target.

    Californian teacher talks student out of school shooting
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    thought I had read he had about 20 shells in his pocket and a list of names
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    He did
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    While I agree the root cause is mental health issues that go untreated, or ignored, having plain clothed, armed officers in schools may not prevent future attacks, not sure there is a definitive answer to that, it could certainly get help there quicker and prevent further deaths.

    Its also impossible to put a number on any attacks being prevented by having the armed, plain clothed officers present, but I'm sure its more than zero.
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    Once again, the parents or other relatives of people who had been diagnosed with a severe mental illness went to great lengths to ensure that their unstable loved ones had unfettered access to firepower. In one case, the FBI asked the parents to take away the mentally ill person's guns, and the parents refused. Why didn't the police just take the guns? That's their job after all!

    Maybe it's inevitable that schools must become armed fortresses. But it looks like common sense to me to keep deadly weapons out of the hands of people with severe mental illness in the first place. The parents/relatives didn't act responsibly in the cases that I cited. It would be ideal if they kept their weapons under lock and key, and not accessible to people in the house who shouldn't have unlimited access, such as children and adults not in their right minds. If they refuse and people die, then they should be held responsible.

    Laurie Dann's spree wasn't limited to a school (or gunfire for that matter. Is making schools armed fortresses but failing to protect the rest of the community really the best answer? Why do I deserve to die? Because I'm not a child? That's unacceptable!
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    BTW, I created a thread specifically to discuss the gun issue.

    Since this topic is "Another school shooting", why don't we take the stuff that has strayed far from that sad incident to what I think is a better place to discuss the gun laws in general terms, and leave this thread for discussing the tragedy itself?
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