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  1. misticjeff

    misticjeff Well-Known Member

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  2. lembowski

    lembowski Well-Known Member

    I assume thats your site? Where does in ship from in the US? Trying to figure out if I order now if I can get it to San Diego by Friday.
  3. dr g

    dr g Well-Known Member

    Isn't this one of the Epik styles?
  4. misticjeff

    misticjeff Well-Known Member


    Ships from Las Vegas NV...
  5. Daft Punk

    Daft Punk Well-Known Member

    looks good.
  6. lopezbnj

    lopezbnj Well-Known Member

    How about the thickness?
  7. docprego

    docprego Well-Known Member

    I live in Henderson, can these be picked up locally? Do you have a store you sell from?

  8. I went ahead and ordered one. The cheapo that I ordered right at launch off of Amazon just cracked on me (it was only 2 bucks). I liked the look of the clear case, but I'm not convinced that it won't look scuffed and grimy in a short period of time, so I went with the black. Anxious to get it.
  9. misticjeff

    misticjeff Well-Known Member

    the case adds approx. 1mm in thickness, so 1mm to each side.

    I don't have a store so ordering online is the only method I have to get it to you currently.

    I'm actually waiting on Square to hook me up with my credit card reader (for my EVO or any Android device. Plugs into the headphone jack and the user can then swipe credit or debit cards and securely send payments through phone) then I will have the ability to sell on the fly wherever I may be.

    If you have issues at | EVO CASES – Protect What You Love!, you can also go to:

  10. hankbear

    hankbear Active Member

    In for one of each color. Looking forward to them!
  11. Daft Punk

    Daft Punk Well-Known Member

    if my Hong Kong ebay case doesnt come by next week im ordering this.
  12. lembowski

    lembowski Well-Known Member

    This case is actually pretty nice the more I look at the pictures. It has a raised lip around the camera that only the Case-Mate Barely There and this case have. Nice touch, and it looks like a much better than the standard Epik cases with the frosted look instead of shiny.

    Just ordered one, for less than $7 shipped why not.
  13. vaccdroid

    vaccdroid Well-Known Member

    Wish they had green but still great for that price. I got one of each.
  14. I'm curious to hear you guys' impressions of the clear case. I think I like that look better when new, but, as I mentioned, I'm not convinced it will keep that look for a long time.
  15. Daft Punk

    Daft Punk Well-Known Member

    lemme ask this OP.......

    The filleted edge for the camera, is it slightly taller so the lense doesnt touch when placed on a flat surface or is it flush with the lense? If so maybe its something you can have adjusted on the next revision of your cases.
  16. dbpaddler

    dbpaddler Well-Known Member

    this looks like the $2 tpu ones on ebay right now. shipping from hong kong.
  17. dbpaddler

    dbpaddler Well-Known Member

    probably from the same mold as most of the others which means it's thick enough to protect the lens.
  18. lembowski

    lembowski Well-Known Member

    I found it on ebay for $4 shipped, can you post the link to this exact case for $2 shipped?

    [​IMG]Black soft Gel case cover skin TPU fo HTC EVO 4G Sprint - eBay (item 250662798210 end time Jul-08-10 19:45:46 PDT)

    Also this one is different that 99% of all TPU cases on ebay see below.......

    OP hope you don't mind me posting your pic here, let me know if you want me to remove it.

  19. dbpaddler

    dbpaddler Well-Known Member

    I don't have the link for mine, but it was #260625897827, seller eforworld_cn. They don't mention TPU, but they don't mention silicone. Either way, both don't look like silicone and have the same stout and edge design as the other. TPU cases. Both look like the case mentioned above. Too much to be a coincidence. I have two coming for $4. Tough to beat, even with the extra wait time.
  20. lembowski

    lembowski Well-Known Member

    Cool, post some pictures when they come in the next few weeks. I will update the thread when mine comes either this weekend or early next week.
  21. misticjeff

    misticjeff Well-Known Member

    They may be from the same mold, yes... hard to tell anymore. I've commissioned molds before for other products, even with a company name stamped into the product only to see the company named product being sold by someone else! You gotta love the Chinese way of business.

    Regarding price and wait time. If the one to two weeks is worth $2 to you then you should definitely do it. The ones on ebay are actually $2.99. I have a coupon code working on another forum which give a $1 off the purchase price. Perhaps if you find that forum you can get the code


    and use it thus perhaps eliminating your wait. *cough, cough*
  22. n0apostrophe

    n0apostrophe Well-Known Member

    i believe i saw you on the sprint forum when you first discussed ordering these cases. do you have any plans for colored tpu cases or just the black and white?
  23. misticjeff

    misticjeff Well-Known Member

    Black and Frosted only....

    I've been doing silicone and TPU for a while and it's just not worthwhile doing other colors as they don't appeal to enough customers.
  24. over0066

    over0066 New Member

    Is this TPU "style" or actually made of TPU?
  25. MyFishWagon

    MyFishWagon Well-Known Member

    Just ordered mine. Used the promo code "suforum2010"... total came out to about $5.50 shipped... Thanks OP !

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