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  1. phatboyslim12

    phatboyslim12 Well-Known Member

    Hey, I have had many android phones and I really like this phone but one thing is really annoying, when you select the address bar it doesn't auto select the text. I am pretty sure I can change the setting but can't find out how, suggestions?

  2. Palmetto Fellow

    Palmetto Fellow Well-Known Member

    This bugs me too. I've been long pressing until the option to select all appears.
  3. Tejer

    Tejer Well-Known Member

    I have also had that, and I believe that is just how the stock browser behaves. I ended up replacing it with the stock jellybean browser after rooting my phone. If anyone figures out how to have the stock browser autoselect,i'll change back :)
  4. Palmetto Fellow

    Palmetto Fellow Well-Known Member

    Anyone know why the status bar on the stock browser likes to disappear and then appear every time you press on the screen to scroll? I think this causes lag. I am having a choppy experience as a result.
  5. Tejer

    Tejer Well-Known Member

    It disappears so that way you have more space for your browsing experience when you are on a web page. It will then reappear when you scroll up I believe, maybe down too. I cant remember if the stock browser has an option to change this or not.
  6. Palmetto Fellow

    Palmetto Fellow Well-Known Member

    It only disappears for a fraction of a second (yes, not even a whole second). I don't see the use there, but some engineer did I guess :confused:
  7. phw8558

    phw8558 Well-Known Member

    It disappears for screen space as mentioned above. It does not come back until you scroll up.

    Jelly bean browser has selectivity issue fixed
  8. Palmetto Fellow

    Palmetto Fellow Well-Known Member

    Mine comes right back, scroll or no scroll. I can hold my finger on a point on the screen, and in less than a second, that status bar comes right back down. It really annoying when I want to click on refresh, back, or the address bar. All three of these are halfway covered by the status bar, and like I said, mine comes back right away.
  9. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    Android is all about customization, don't like the launcher, change it, keyboard, change it, browser, well you get the idea. If anything isn't the way that you want it just find the app that does it the way that you want. :D Good luck, OB
  10. Palmetto Fellow

    Palmetto Fellow Well-Known Member

    I tried chrome but it was glitch-fest. Maxthon looked cartoon-like to me.
    I really like the sense browser, but hate that one aspect I've detailed.
    Perhaps chrome will pay nicer on my phone after another update. :(


    I've tried a few other browsers and they sucked. ICS browser + by beansoft is promising. Anyway to get vanilla pain old ICS browser without any sense manipulation?
  11. EazySteve

    EazySteve Well-Known Member

    That's what my gf and I do too. Weird thing is my girlfriend's phone would actually select all automatically when she put her finger on the URL the first week she owned it like it's suppose to work. Then it just stopped working for her. Now she has to do the finger hold and tap the select all like me lol.
  12. I've had the same issues. I think it came about after the OTA update for the radio resource error (which I barely ever got). I use the stock browser and I never had to select the whole url to type in a webpage but now I do. Also, my auto correct is wonky. It used to auto correct english words with english add apostrophe's and all, now it will skip the english word for a spanish one.

    I have the sprint branded Evo if it means anything.
  13. Tejer

    Tejer Well-Known Member

    The Sprint brand or the recent OTA should have absolutely nothing to do with your browser issue. I have a sprint one running stock with the OTA installed with the stock browser and I don't have that issue. Have you gone to the app settings and cleared data on the browser app? I would think that should fix your issue. If you go to the 'All' tab under apps it will be listed as 'Internet'.

  14. Sounds like a plan. I'll give it a shot.
  15. vrock517

    vrock517 New Member

    You may want to give Chrome Beta a shot. Not without its faults, but dare I say that it's better than the "stable" version.

  16. Tejer

    Tejer Well-Known Member

    I personally have had no luck with either Firefox or Chrome on Android. Chrome gave me like graphical lines and artifacts on both my old Optimus Elite and on the Evo. Firefox just seems to have some issues too with the menu button for me and stuff. I am now just using the stock browser HTC gave us.
  17. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    Until recently my preference was Firefox, for the last few months I've been using and enjoying the Boat browser. :p
    Palmetto Fellow likes this.
  18. godhatesnags

    godhatesnags Member

    Stock browser is super frustrating. Tried chrome, really fluid ui... but as others have said incredibly glitchy. Using Dolphin as my default and really enjoy it.
  19. Palmetto Fellow

    Palmetto Fellow Well-Known Member

    I had written boat browser of until you posted this. It's pretty cool. My only complaint is while in full screen mode, I can't have the title bar shown. I would love it if the title bar was at the very top of the page when in fullscreen. I don't mean always on top, just at the very top and seen only when scrolled to the top.
  20. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    Boat browser is quite light also, about 3 mb compared to Firefox being over 18 mb. :p
  21. Palmetto Fellow

    Palmetto Fellow Well-Known Member

    The built in search feature seems to default to the stock browser. I don't suppose this can be changed can it (without a rom change)?
  22. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    It works for me natively using either text or voice search. I'm currently using Unlocked Potential.
  23. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    If you go into settings you have the option to always show the title bar while in full screen, whether in portrait or landscape. OB :D
  24. Palmetto Fellow

    Palmetto Fellow Well-Known Member

    Doesn't work. I have that selected.
    In full screen, it seems to ignore (always show title bar).
    Are you referring to an option in the title bar settings or the fullscreen options? Either way, I have everything enabled as one would think necessary.
  25. Jaxmoto

    Jaxmoto Well-Known Member

    Same problem here. Mine used to be fine, then I redid all the rooting and installed the patch and the behavior started with the address bar.

    Not terrible, but annoying you have to hold and do a "select all" to get it to work.

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