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  1. apperiapl

    apperiapl New Member


    I'd like to show you a funny and free application Answer Me! created by programmers of D BEST team.

    Answer Me! is a complete system of answers allowing to find the answer to any questions!

    The application helps take many key decisions. If you don't know:
    * if it is worth getting up from bed?
    * if today is a good day to tell her/him what you feel?
    * if you should have your haircut changed into something crazy?
    * if it is worth learning for tomorrow's classes?
    * if it is better to go for a holiday at the seaside or in the mountains?
    Answer Me! will perfectly answer to all your questions!

    The only things you must do are the following:
    1.Think of the question.
    2.Shake your mobile.
    Answer Me! in a magic way will interpret your questions and give proper answers.


    Features of the application:
    * ASK, SHAKE and READ

  2. apperiapl

    apperiapl New Member

    The new update to 1.1.1 version has been released in Android Market. List of changes:
    - fixed display of main background on some mobiles;
    - other minor graphical changes;
    - some bugfixes.

    Have a fun with Answer Me! :)
  3. snapper.fishes

    snapper.fishes Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a magic 8 ball to me :p
  4. apperiapl

    apperiapl New Member

    Yes, in fact in this form the idea is similar to 8ball but I guess the range of answers is really different sometimes ;)

    The other thing is that development team works on the next bigger version of an app that should offer really much more then 8ball, but... I cannot say more right now :D

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