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  1. yuchtman

    yuchtman Member

    Hi all,
    is there anyway to answer the phone directly in speaker mode?
    i have the car mode app, but it's not working so good in GAOSP.
    right now, i need to answer the phone, open the menu and press speaker.
    my phone is very slow, so it takes a long time.

    Thank You

  2. r3dpuma

    r3dpuma Well-Known Member

    Go back to Galaxo or force that UI during call in call settings or cyanogen, you have there a direct button for speaker.
    Btw, my phone is not slow during phone calls.
    What the hell, we do have a slow phone but at least we can make a decent phone call, at least i can.
  3. yuchtman

    yuchtman Member

    Thanks r3dpuma.
    I won't go back to Galaxo for it and UI during call in call settings is already forced, but the UI isn't shown when i answer phone calls, only when I'm calling.
    couldn't find anything in cyanogen.

    maybe I'll try to write a small app for that

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