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Antibody 2 - new game launched

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  1. againa

    againa Member This Topic's Starter

    Nov 20, 2009
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    Play the role of the immune system B lymphocyte cells by fighting the virus that invades the human body tissue by tissue.
    Virus cells and B lymphocytes cells randomly use different features - armor increase or cellblock, extra strength or weakening for cells or antibodies. Unlock new features every next level.
    Each phase includes several levels and if the user looses before completing the phase, he has to start the phase from the beginning.
    Enjoy 30 addictive levels of increasing difficulty that will put your tactics and quick wit to the test. You can play it with your friends and see who shows the best time.
    We have released a teaser of the game which contains the game tutorial and 6 levels of interesting gaming.


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