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any ace 2 user or android proffesional plz anwser these questions its drivving me nutsSupport

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  1. amrkhaled

    amrkhaled New Member

    hi i was going to buy this phone but i wanted to know the anwsers of a few questions

    -it says nfc is optional does that mean there are models with nfc and models without
    -will there be ics upgrade in the future
    -is the enternal memory enough or will i suffer from it as i will not be able to download hd games ect.
    -does duel core make a diffrence or is it as a normal 800mhz phone

    plz reply fast im in great need for ur anwsers ......... thx

  2. GrahamF

    GrahamF Well-Known Member


    - yes, models either have NFC, or not. Depends on region/carrier etc...
    - it is compatible for ICS upgrade & again depends on your region/carrier as to whether you will get the "proper official" upgrade or not. You can always upgrade using unofficial ICS of course, lots of places to find this!
    - you have about 1Gb of internal handset memory & 1Gb of internal USB memory left after all the apps & carrier software are loaded. External MicroSD cards can be used for songs/videos/games.
    - dual core makes it faster/smoother. No noticeable lag, I used to have the Galaxy Ace (1) & the Ace 2 is definitely quicker!
    + much better screen, (slightly larger/better colour/sharper etc...) & front camera + much longer battery life. :five:

    Hope this helps :)
    Graham - London
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  3. amrkhaled

    amrkhaled New Member

    thank you very much i really didi need that information :D

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