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Any alternative for android market?

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  1. babloo75

    babloo75 Member

    Is there any alternative for android market. I mean some site from which I can download the softwares for Tattoo and install them directly through windows by means of HTC Sync manager.
    In this case no wifi is required and the slow (useless) internet network problems can be avoided.

  2. sunny316

    sunny316 Active Member

    Try SlideME | Android Community and Application Marketplace It allows download both via phone and pc. It also has a market-like app that you can install on your phone and browse the listing from the phone too. Lists both free and paid apps.
  3. Skywave

    Skywave Member

    I've found some interesting apps on androlib.com, but you'll need a scanner to download them.
    Some of the apps are .apk, meaning you'll have to download the app to your pc, transfer it to your mobile and use a file maneger to install it :)
  4. PatD

    PatD Member

    And how exactly do you do that? I've only been able to plug the microSD card into my computer and copy APKs to it, when install using a file manager. Very clunky. Copying music to the card results in having to the use same file mag'r - the music app doesn't know the MP3's on my card exist.
  5. sunny316

    sunny316 Active Member

    Have you used the HTC Sync's application installer? Just select the .apk from you PC and it does the rest.
  6. babloo75

    babloo75 Member

  7. PatD

    PatD Member

    I tried to install HTC Sync (latest from htc.com) but got error messages about the driver failing to install. There's no info what went wrong or what didn't install. Is there any documention that explains how to install apps using it (if I get it installed).
  8. sunny316

    sunny316 Active Member

    Its a simple process once you manage to install it. Just fire up the app and browse for the .apk on your PC, then press next and your phone will ask you if you want to continue with the installation and all. :)
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  9. FabioTeixeira

    FabioTeixeira New Member

    Hi guys!

    Try Bazaar and Aptoide as alternative to Android Market,

    As developer let me share with you the following features:

    - Bazaar's site allows you to create your own market;
    - Under the motto "Own your market!" you can now have your own Aptoide repository with your applications.
    - Upload and manage your applications and share them with the world or just your friends.
    - Easily browse the available Android Apps and choose which to install from your Android device.
    - Discovering more in Home • Bazaar - Your Own Aptoide / Apktor Repository

    The Aptoide app allows users to easily install applications from distributed repositories, without having to rely on the Google Market.

    The Aptoide enables you the following extra features:

    - Add repositories via QR-code.
    - Support for private repositories with login credentials (through the standard httpaccess file).
    - Faster reloading of the list of applications from the repository
    - Many other features and bug fixes.

    Best regards,
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  10. carlotimus

    carlotimus New Member

    there are many alternatives To the Android market but there is a list of them at DroidChest
  11. Mario Rules

    Mario Rules New Member

    install the web browser "opara mini". its like the iphone internet but it has a good app market on it. i downloaded apps that were not on tjhe android market.
  12. maybe you can try 1mobile market.
  13. DanielBatalha

    DanielBatalha New Member


    Definitely Aptoide is a good alternative to Androidmarket.
    i use Aptoide since i have my andorid smartphone, this market allows you to create your own marketplace, that's awesome thing.

    Thanks for sharing the idea "Fabio"

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